Kristen Stewart's character Nia uncovers deep feelings of sexual desire for her cohort Silas in a new trailer for the sci-fi movie 'Equals.' (Photo: Studio)

Kristen Stewart’s character Nia uncovers deep feelings of sexual desire for her cohort Silas in a new trailer for the sci-fi movie ‘Equals.’ (Photo: Studio)

Kristen Stewart captures a bee in a glass and turns it into an erotic metaphor in a new trailer for her upcoming sci-fi drama “Equals,” with co-star Nicholas Hoult. His character seems clueless, but before long he gets it–forbidden love.

The movie is about a society far in the future where human emotions have been erased in the name of peace and harmony.

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But peace comes with a price–oppression.

Stewart’s character Nia, seems to realize that something is amiss in their perfectly ordered society but doesn’t know quite how to explain it to an obtuse Silas (Hoult).

Nia artfully traps a bee inside a glass and uses it to explain her thoughts. “According to the laws of aerodynamics, they shouldn’t fly,” she says. “But they don’t know it, so they fly anyway.”

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Silas looks befuddled and quizzical, at first. He stares at Nia’s face as she sits with her eyes closed. When she opens them, they gaze deeply at each other. He may not fully grasp what she’s saying, but you can tell he’s feeling something inside.

It will take more than a bee to bring them together. An infectious disease awakens deep emotions within them, and they are drawn together, becoming lovers, even though love is outlawed in their dystopian society.

They are forced to go on the run to escape punishment.

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The film, directed by Drake Doremus, has some heavy hitters backing it, including master science fiction story teller Ridley Scott. But it’s had a tough time getting off the launching pad.

It was actually completed last year, then languished in search of a distributor. It hit the film festival circuit to mixed reviews and now has a July 15 release date in what is sure to be a limited run.

The picture is already out on DVD and pay-per-view. Kristen’s latest picture “Anesthesia,” also went straight to video in what’s been a run of low-budget flops for the “Twilight” star.

Check out the clip below, released through Entertainment Weekly. Let us know your thoughts and be sure to follow IM on Twitter for the latest movie news.

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