Jennifer Lawrence walks the red carpet at a Hunger Games premiere in a dazzling dress. She  reveals ample side boob, part of a fashion trend that's here to stay.  (Photo: Getty)

Jennifer Lawrence walks the red carpet at a Hunger Games premiere in a dazzling dress. She reveals ample side boob, part of a fashion trend that’s here to stay. (Photo: Getty)

Side boob has become the new cleavage among daring young celebrities who regularly appear on the red carpet at movie premieres, awards shows and other gala events. Whether it’s Jennifer Lawrence at a “Hunger Games” premiere or Bella Hadid at the Cannes Film Festival, the allure is undeniable.

Although the fashion trend has been around for awhile, it’s come into its own this year just about everywhere celebrities congregate.

It’s no longer something for over-sexed rock stars, counter-culture types or over-the-top celebrity sex kittens. Side boob has become a young–and not so young–Hollywood trend much like cleavage was in the 1950s and 1960s.

Following World War II, a new generation of Hollywood starlets brought cleavage and décolletage out of the closet.

Side Boob Celebrities Rock Red Carpet
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Once the domain of bordello madams and burlesque queens, cleavage went mainstream thanks to actresses like Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren, Jayne Mansfield and Gina Lollobrigida.

Make no mistake, cleavage baring fashions are still alive and well today. The deeper the plunging neckline–usually beyond the naval–the better.

But compared to side boob, cleavage alone seems a little too conventional. Side boob, on the other hand, is not your mother’s bustier.

And, there is a definite psychology behind the trend. Cleavage is meant to be upfront and in your face. Side boob is far more subtle. It provides a sly peek at a woman’s breast.

Side boob conveys naughtiness, care-free sexuality and rebelliousness because it is less obvious. It also appeals to the voyeur in everyone who steals a look. In that sense, it’s far more titillating (no pun intended, well maybe).

As evidence the trend is heading mainstream, British fashion house ASOS last month introduced the side boob bra. It’s designed to reveal a slice of feminine sexiness, without the need to go braless and risk a wardrobe malfunction.

Side boob fashions aren’t without critics. Some critics says women are revealing too much. It leaves even less to the imagination. Others say it’s tantamount to staring at someones armpit.

Some fashion houses have tried to capitalize on the trend by introducing designs that reveal under boob. The Kardashians, and their coterie of hangers-on among others have been pushing it lately.

But it’s just not the same. Not only does it look uncomfortable, it’s just not sexy.

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