Selena Gomez takes James Corden on a ride in his Carpool Karaoke segment--a roller coaster ride that is. Check it out. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Selena Gomez takes James Corden on a ride in his Carpool Karaoke segment–a roller coaster ride that is. Check it out. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Selena Gomez was James Corden’s companion on “Carpool Karaoke,” the only segment on his show that distinguishes him from the rest of the late night comedy crowd. Selena was stellar. Too bad, CBS junked up the piece with so many product placements.

Selena was ostensibly the star of the segment but she had to share some of the limelight with Coca-Cola and fast-food conglomerate McDonald’s.

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Both brands were featured prominently, but at least CBS had the integrity to disclose the companies paid for their appearances in the small print accompanying its YouTube post.

And it was money well spent. The video is quickly going viral. It’s received more than 1 million views in less than a day.

If you think products appear by happenstance, think again. Notice how the name of their car is blacked out in shots of the rear end. You gotta pay to get play, baby.

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The clip opens with Corden thanking his riding companion for helping him get to work. “Oh, no, not at all, of course,” says a disembodied voice, before the camera pans left and Selena comes into view.

“Do you mind if we listen to some music?” Corden asks. “All right let’s see who we’ve got here,” he adds.

He’s got Selena, of course. They start singing her hit “Same Old Love.”

Selena busts some serious moves even though she’s seat-belted in the car.

Corden laments about how hard he works, so Selena urges him to have some fun. And, she has just the place in mind.

“Just trust me. Just trust me a little bit,” she says.

In the next scene they’re on a roller coaster at an amusement park. They not only get VIP treatment in the front seats, but no one else is seated behind them for three rows. Can’t have anyone photo-bombing.

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When the roller coaster takes off, they bust into Selena’s hit “Come & Get It.”

Back in the car, they hit up “Hands to Myself” and do shots of Ginger! WTF? Selena says she does one every morning. Selena laughs.

Corden gags. “Absolutely disgusting!” he exclaims.

But, hey, not he has an appetite. How convenient. There’s a McDonald’s straight up ahead. They sing “Kill Em with Kindness” along the way.

It just so happens McDonald’s has a tie in. Selena’s lyrics, as well as other artists’, are printed on cups as part of a promotion. Oops, Selena gets a cup without her song lyrics. On the third try, they find one.

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The workers go crazy over Selena. No one recognizes Corden.

They down fries to “Love You like a Love Song.” Then, Corden asks her about being in the “squad.” That is, Taylor Swift’s squad.

The squad has no men, but Selena says that’s ok, girls have a right to be sexist. Maybe when she gets a boyfriend, he can join, she adds.

It’s the perfect segue to Taylor’s “Shake it Off.”

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