Rihanna probes deep space in her new sledgehammer video. The song is featured in  Star Trek Beyond. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Rihanna probes deep space in her new sledgehammer video. The song is featured in Star Trek Beyond. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Rihanna goes into orbit and beyond in a wild galactic ride that takes her to the depths of interstellar space in her new “Sledgehammer” video. The song is featured on the new “Star Trek Beyond” movie soundtrack, and it’s as eerie as she is.

The song was teased in the final Star Trek movie trailer released Monday (June 27). But Rihanna takes over command in her video.

Rihanna was more than elated about the release. “#SLEDGEHAMMERVIDEO tomorrow! 1st ever #IMAX music video debut at 9AM EST then watch @TIDALHiFi & @VEVO at 10AM EST,” the singer tweeted.

“Can’t wait for you to see this Navy!” she also Tweeted to her fans.

Indeed, it may by the Barbadian singer’s most ambitious video yet. She yearns for a movie career and it’s unfortunate that she doesn’t appear in the new Star Trek movie.

Her character in the video would fit right in with the menagerie of aliens who appear in the film. She wears a flowing saffron indigo robe and henna face tattoos. She looks totally otherworldly.

She appears on a barren landscape when the video opens, following scenes of swirling galaxies and the Starship Enterprise hurtling through space at warp speed.

A planet appears and the camera zooms in until it reaches the planet’s surface. She sings and gestures while a strange spaceship hovers in the background, another reference to the movie.

Then, the CGI takes over and Rihanna enters a kaleidoscopic world. She even levitates rocks on the planet’s surface, revealing her superpowers as she merges as one with the universe.

Rihanna, returned from a three-year hiatus with her new album Anti and supporting tour. Before that, she cranked out seven hit albums in as many years, and toured constantly.

She was proclaimed the hardest working artist in show business and looks like she’s out to reclaim that title.

Star Trek: Beyond features Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldana and John Cho, reprising their roles. Newcomers Idris Elba joins the film as Krall, a ruthless alien commander; Sofia Boutella plays alien Jaylah.

The film premieres July 22.

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