Dolly Parton is shooting down reports that she endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. But still thinks she'd make a great president. (Photo: Getty)

Dolly Parton is shooting down reports that she endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. But still thinks she’d make a great president. (Photo: Getty)

Dolly Parton is known for speaking her mind, but her effusive praise of Hillary Clinton, shouldn’t be taken as a presidential endorsement, the country entertainer said in a statement released this morning (July 6). Gee, is sure did sound like one!

Parton, 70, who is in the middle of her largest tour in 25 years, claims her words were “taken out of context,” during a recent interview.

IM tracked down the source of the comments. As it turns out, they were published in the June 24 edition of The New York Times.

“This morning while I was watching the news I saw many reports that I had endorsed Hillary Clinton. My comment about supporting a woman in the White House was taken out of context,” she said in her statement.

“I have not endorsed Hillary Clinton nor (sic) Donald Trump.”

She couldn’t make her feelings any clearer than that. So what is it, exactly, that she said to The Times? Her comments came during a straight-forward Q&A. So there was no room for interpretation by the reporter.

Here’s what she said:

“Well, I think that that would be wonderful. Hillary might make as good a president as anybody ever has. I think no matter if it’s Hillary or Donald Trump, we’re gonna be plagued with PMS either way — presidential mood swings! But I personally think a woman would do a great job. I think Hillary’s very qualified. So if she gets it, I’ll certainly be behind her.”

So let’s summarize: She did praise her effusively, said she would do a great job and called her very qualified.

If that’s not an endorsement, it’s the next closest thing. But technically, Dolly is right. She did not outright endorse Clinton.

“I try not to get political but if I am, I might as well just run myself ’cause I’ve got the hair for it, it’s huge, and they could always use more boobs in the race,” the statement added.

“But seriously, I have not decided who I’m voting for, but no matter what we’re gonna be suffering from PMS, ‘Presidential Mood Swings.'”

Parton will begin the second leg of her “Pure & Simple” North American tour July 19 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The Boot, a popular country-western music Web site, was one of several media outlets that claimed Parton had endorsed Clinton. It cited The Times article.

Conservative bloggers were just as quick to report her denial. Is Dolly that influenial?

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