Christine O'Donnell Gets Hilarious 'SNL' Send Up (watch!) 1

Christine O'Donnell and Kristen Wiig (inset)

Christine O’Donnell, the crazed Tea Party Senate candidate in Delaware has joined the ranks of Sarah Palin in more ways than one — she’s the target of a devastating Saturday Night Live parody.

The right wing Christian has called evolution a myth and likens masturbation to adultery.

O’Donnell, 41, shocked politicos by winning the Delaware Republican primary, but in a series of video clips, in which she expounds on her bizarre views, she talks about witchcraft as if it were real.

In the SNL parody, comedian Kristen Wiig gets the honors. Tina Fey delivered hilarious — and revealing — impersonations of Palin during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Wiig plays off O’Donnell’s recent campaign ad, in which she was forced to take to the air to proclaim that she is not a witch.

“I’m nothing like you’ve heard,” Wiig says, wearing a black jacket and pearl necklace like O’Donnell’s, while a piano provides background music.

“I’m you, and just like you, I have to constantly deny that I’m a witch.”

Wiig suggests she’s several thousands years old, and, if elected, she will fly to Washington — on a plane, of course — to take her Senate seat.

“I’m not a witch,” Wiig says. “But if I am, do you really want to cross me?”

Then, the scene cuts to a skeleton playing the piano and Wiig wearing striped leggings like the Wicked Witch of the East in “The Wizard of Oz.”

O’Donnell tried to put the best face on the parody.

“SNL skit was really funny… and I have to admit, her hair looked better than mine,” she Tweet today (Oct. 10).