Yoko Ono Reveals Who Saved Her Marriage to John 1Beatle John Lennon and Yoko Ono would not have been quite the legendary couple they’ve become if not for the efforts of someone who has long blamed Yoko for breaking up The Beatles.

It was 1973, John and Yoko’s relationship was on the rocks. Lennon departed on what became known as his “lost weekend.”

Actually, it was an 18-month period, during which he took up with his young assistant May Pang.

This weekend, as fans around the world celebrated what would have been Lennon’s 70th birthday, Ono revealed her version of what happened during that tumultuous period in her life.

Of all people, Beatle Paul McCartney helped save her marriage to his bandmate, Yoko reveals.

He stepped in and brought the two back together. John and Yoko met backstage at an Elton John concert in November1974, which led to their reconciliation.

“I want the world to know that it was a very touching thing that he did for John,” Yoko tells London’s Times newspaper.

“He was genuinely concerned about his old partner. Even though John was not even asking for help; John, Paul, all of them, were too proud to ask anything . He helped. John often said he didn’t understand why Paul did this for us, but he did.”

At the time, John and Paul were famously involved in a feud and were barely speaking to each other.

As Yoko recounts, Paul visited John in Los Angeles where he was living with Pang, and according to Yoko advised him on how to get Yoko back.

The fact that John immediately tried to court Yoko, and came back to New York, was hugely important, she says.

It was a fateful reunion. John and Yoko got back together and John moved to New York City to live with her.

They had a child together, son Sean, born on John’s birthday. But six years later, in 1980, Lennon would be gunned down by a crazed fan outside his New York apartment.

Today, May Pang lives just outside New York City, and has two children. To this day, Yoko has shunned her.