francois hollande hair coiffeurgate

Francois Hollande, the socialist president of France who claims to be a champion of the poor, pays his hairdresser $11,000 a month through taxpayer money. (YouTube/screenshot)

François Hollande, the socialist president of France, is being slammed amid revelations he pays $11,000 (9,895 euros) a month for haircuts in a scandal dubbed #CoiffeurGate on Twitter.

Hollande doesn’t have much hair, so it’s uncertain why French taxpayers are footing the bill for his exorbitant hairdressing fees.

The controversy came to light after the satirical French newspaper Le Canard Enchaîné reported that Hollande’s barber (known only as Olivier B.) has been raking in $11,000 a month since becoming the president’s hairdresser in 2012.

Interestingly, Hollande’s hairdresser earns just slightly more than Francois himself, who makes $16,600 a month.

Not surprisingly, French citizens are fuming over the excessive grooming costs especially glaring since Hollande took office in 2012 as an everyman (“Monsieur Normal”) who claimed to be a champion of the poor.

This isn’t the first time a fat-cat politician like François Hollande has come under fire for wasting taxpayer dollars on frivolous things.

In July 2015, Hillary Clinton was blasted amid reports she got $600 haircuts while pandering to low-income voters by claiming she’s “just like them,” Celebrity Health Fitness reported.

Hillary is a regular client of celebrity hairdresser John Barrett, who typically charges $600 for a haircut. Clinton haircuts have made numerous headlines before.


Hillary Clinton tells voters she’s “just like them” while getting $600 haircuts and wearing $12,000 designer jackets.

In 1993, Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton, who was then president of the United States, had Air Force One idle at Los Angeles International Airport for an hour while he got a $200 trim.

Bill’s haircut was called the “most expensive haircut in the world” for forcing two surrounding LAX runways to be shut down, diverting numerous flights.

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