Chelsea Clinton has undergone a dramatic plastic surgery and weight loss transformation during the past few years.

Chelsea, who went through some awkward teenage years during her dad’s presidency, got a nose job and chin augmentation or implant, according to Dr. Jennifer Walden, a Manhattan plastic surgeon who has not treated Clinton.

During her awkward teenage years, Chelsea slightly overweight, had frizzy, unruly hair, a bulbous nose, an anvil chin, and buck teeth.

Chelsea, who wore braces on her teeth during her youth, now has a less gummy smile and she straightened her naturally curly hair, as TheImproper previously reported.

“It looks as if she has undergone a rhinoplasty procedure (nose job) which was nicely and conservatively done to remove the bump from the bridge of the nose, slim the nasal bones, as well as refine and rotate the tip which also appears to be less droopy,” Dr. Walden told MakeMeHeal.

“She also has likely had chin augmentation, or a chin implant, placed to give her stronger jawline and more aesthetic proportions to her lower face.”

Dr. Walden added: “She has also gotten rid of that gummy smile which might be from non-permanent soft tissue fillers in the upper lip like Juvederm or Restylane to help hide it.”

Chelsea is furious that her mom, Hillary Clinton, has been slammed as a money-grubbing, pathological liar at the Republican National Convention.

“When Republicans repeatedly get on stage at their national convention and toss attack after attack at my mom, calling her things I’d never say in front of my children — let alone on live TV — they’re talking about a caricature they’ve imagined, not the woman I love and respect,” said Chelsea.

A batch of e-mails released by the U.S. State Department reveal Hillary used her personal account (housed a private server in her basement) to exchange pleasantries with Hollywood celebrities during her stint as Secretary of State.

During this time, Hillary ignored 600 emails from Ambassador Chris Stevens begging for more security at Benghazi, Libya, as TheImproper reported.

But Hillary spent plenty of time exchanging tens of thousands of e-mails with celebrities like Ben Affleck and Lady Gaga preceding the attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens, Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, and two Navy SEALS: Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty.

During her four years as Secretary of State, Bill and Hillary Clinton raked in $150 million peddling her influence to foreign governments, according to Peter Schweizer’s bestselling book, Clinton Cash.

clinton cash donations foreign governments muslim

Clinton Cash follows the money trail to spotlight the connection between Bill and Hillary’s massive fortune, the Clinton Foundation, and foreign governments such as Saudi Arabia, a leading state sponsor of terrorism.

While the Clinton Foundation (an alleged charitable organization) has garnered more than $2 billion in donations, multiple press reports reveal that only 10% goes to charity.

Hillary Clinton has already shown criminally poor judgment when she used a personal e-mail account housed on an unsecured private server in her basement during her tenure as Secretary of State.

What would she do if elected president of the United States?