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Kim Kardashian lost 80 pounds with the Atkins diet, and has reached her goal weight of 120 lbs. (Photo: Larsa Pippen/Instagram)

Kim Kardashian has achieved her goal weight of 120 pounds after her 80-pound weight loss over the 7 months.

The 5-foot-2 Kim, who tipped the scales at 200 pounds while pregnant, now weighs 120 pounds and couldn’t be prouder.

“I’m definitely to my goal weight,” Kardashian told ET! (see video). “I’m down more than I expected.”

In early July, Kim revealed weighed 130 pounds and had lost 70 pounds. She has now reached her goal weight of 120 pounds, which puts her total weight loss at 80 pounds.

Kardashian’s weight loss secret was a low carb, high-fat Atkins diet that limited her daily carb intake to less than 40 net grams, as TheImproper previously reported.

While Kim loves food and has a huge sweet tooth, she said the Atkins diet made weight loss easy.

“The Atkins diet was so easy for me because there’s so many sweets and treats that keep you satisfied along the way,” said Kardashian. “It’s been super-easy.”

Low carb, high-fat diets like the Atkins and ketogenic diets accelerate weight loss by encouraging the body to burn fat for fuel, said obesity expert Maria Emmerich, author of Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking.

Limiting carbs and eating more healthy fats curbs hunger, boosts energy and controls cravings, explained Dr. Eric Westman, co-author of Keto Clarity and New Atkins For a New You.

In addition to reducing carbs, Kim Kardashian also does cardio exercise every day, Celebrity Health Fitness reported.

“Kanye is super into working out,” said Kim. “It just makes it easy that’s our lifestyle at home. Kanye doesn’t love sweets so that really helps to not have a lot of junk around.”

kim-kardashian-bikini-weight-loss diet

Kim Kardashian, who feared she’d never regain her bikini body after packing on 80 pounds, did daily cardio exercise. (Photo: Instagram)

To blast fat and torch calories, the mom of two ran or walked on the treadmill or exercised on the elliptical trainer.

Kardashian, who admits she got depressed after gaining 80 pounds during pregnancy, said she’s feeling like her old self again.

“It’s not easy,” said Kim. “I gained a lot of weight. I definitely feel good where I’m comfortable again.”

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