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‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Messer stirred anorexia rumors after she looked skinny in an Instagram bikini photo.

Leah Messer, star of Teen Mom 2, is being accused of suffering from anorexia or drug addiction after showing off her skinny bikini body on Instagram.

In the Instagram photo, Messer showed off her flat abs and fat-free body in a tiny pink bikini.

“Eat something…you look anorexic!” wrote one follower. Another chimed in, “Jeesus! eat a burger.”

Some of Leah’s fans defended her, saying she looks great. Others noted that Messer has always been slim, so she hardly looks as if she suffered “extreme weight loss.”

One angry supporter slammed body-shaming trolls for causing Leah to fall victim to anorexia and a drug relapse.

“All you sh*t talkers are probably the reason she’s so skinny,” wrote one woman. “Y’all probably caused her to have an eating disorder or made her go back to drugs. How about you SHUT THE F*CK UP and leave her alone!”

Still another fan slammed the skinny-shaming, and encouraged Leah to ignore the haters:

“Leah, you look great honey. You do not look scarily thin nor do you look like you have an eating disorder. People nowadays tend to think being healthy is being 50 pounds overweight. Ignore the haters and enjoy life!”

leah messer 2013 bikini body before weight loss

This 2013 bikini picture of Leah Messer shows the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star was always thin, and did not suddenly experience an unhealthy weight loss. (Photo: Instagram).

Messer, 24, is the mom of three young daughters. In June 2015, Leah went to rehab for what she claims were anxiety and depression (see video).

She denied she had been to drug rehab, and said the pressure of constantly being scrutinized and criticized on social media eroded her self-esteem.

Messer also said being a full-time was emotionally exhausting and draining.

“I was on the anxiety and depression track,” said Messer. “I put every single bit of me into my kids, marriage and house. It always felt like it wasn’t enough.”

Leah added: “It took me down.  I had to learn I had to make time for myself. That’s the change I had to make in order to be happy and healthy.”

Teen Mom 2 was recently renewed for season 8. A premiere date has not been announced.

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