bill clinton sleeping during hillary dnc speech

Bill Clinton fell asleep during wife Hillary’s presidential nomination speech at the Democratic National Convention. (YouTube)

Former president Bill Clinton was caught sleeping during wife Hillary Clinton‘s historic nomination speech at the Democratic National Convention (see video).

Cameras caught Bill apparently asleep as Hillary became the first woman in U.S. history to become the presidential nominee of a major party.

While Hillary bloviated her carefully scripted, poll-tested talking points, Bill napped for 20 seconds while seated next to vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine.

Bill, 70, spoke earlier in the week at the DNC convention, praising Hillary’s lifelong career in politics.

While Bill retained much of his charismatic speaking skills, his frail appearance and shaky hands had some questioning his health.

During his youth and middle age, the strapping 6-foot-2 Bill was a lion who projected an image of vigor and strength.

Since leaving office in 2001, he has aged very rapidly.

In 2004, Clinton underwent quadruple heart-bypass surgery. In 2010, Bill had two stents placed in his coronary artery.

Bill, who has a family history of heart disease and obesity, lost 30 pounds on a vegan diet in 2011, Celebrity Health Fitness reported.

Clinton is no longer 100% vegan, having incorporated salmon and eggs into his diet in recent years.

While Bill looks marginally healthier because of his weight loss, he looks weak, frail, and his hands tremor visibly.

bill clinton old sick health then now

Bill Clinton has aged badly since leaving office in 2001, fueling questions about his health. (Photos: YouTube)

Tabloids have claimed Clinton has Parkinson’s disease, but he denied those reports. Still, the Parkinson’s rumors continue, given his frail appearance.

Television viewers remarked how sickly Bill looked at the Democratic National Convention.

“Does Bill Clinton have Parkinson’s?” one viewer asked on Twitter. “Seriously, am I the only one that noticed his hands shaking during his speech?”

Even Bill is tired of the lies, SAD! #trumppence2016

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Another remarked: “Bill Clinton does NOT look good, from his hands shaking the other night to tonight. Decades of raping must take a toll.”

Still another Twitter user noted: “Bill may have Parkinsons. Lack of expression, shaking hands.”

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump took the opportunity to poke fun at the sleeping Bill with an Instagram video. “Even Bill is tired of the lies, SAD!” Trump joked.