Twi's Kristen Stewart Drives These Girls Wild (video) 1Kristen Stewart played a tough girl in the Joan Jett biopic “The Runaways,” but her portrayal of Bella Swan in the “Twilight” series has enamored her with lesbian fans, who have coined a new word to express their affection.

The actress’s lesbian fans have taken to calling themselves “Krisbians,” a combination of her name and the term lesbian.

Kristen apparently is well aware of her legion of lesbian fans. “Yeah, yeah,” she said when asked them by MTV News.

“I totally can’t lie about that. Oh my god yeah. In fact it really pisses one person off…”

No not alleged boyfriend Robert Pattinson, but her older brother Cameron, she reveals.

Rob is probably pretty cool with the whole idea, or at least probably thinks it’s funny.

Kristen has been making the rounds to promote her latest film “Welcome to the Rileys,” about a down-and-out teen-aged girl who is taken in by a family that just lost their daughter.

“Breaking Dawn,” which co-stars Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, is set to begin shooting in Vancouver next month, and will hit theaters in November 2011.