Donald Trump stiffed a pre-teen 'patriotic' singing group that performed at one of his rallies, according to their manager. He's suing.  (Photo: Instagram)

Donald Trump stiffed a pre-teen ‘patriotic’ singing group that performed at one of his rallies, according to their manager. He’s suing. (Photo: Instagram)

Steven Colbert did his patriotic duty on the “Late Show” last night. He went to bat for the “USA Freedom Kids,” an all-girl singing group. It performed at a Donald Trump rally, but were never paid. That Donald! He really knows how to work a deal.

Donald Trump has based his campaign on his success as a businessman, Colbert said in his opening for the bit.

“But he’s been accused by many of his vendors and contractors of not paying them for their services,” he added. “Well the latest group that might sue Donald for non-payment is the ‘USA Freedom Kids.'”

The group performed at a Trump rally in Florida in January. They performed a version of the World War I song, “Over There,” with some interesting new lyrics.

Here’s a sample.

“Enemies of Freedom,
Face the music,
Come on boys take ’em down,
President Donald Trump knows that,
To make America great,
Deal from strength,
Or get crushed every time.”

Just who are they? Well, they’re three pre-teen girls, who wear sexy (yes, sexy) red, white and blue costumes while lip-syncing patriotic songs.

They’re also damn mad.

Jeff Popick, father of the youngest Freedom Kid, told The Washington Post he planned to file a lawsuit against the campaign for violating its agreement with the group.

Yep, Trump stiffed them, too.

According to Colbert it was a classic Trump deal. The group wanted $2,500 to perform. In true fashion the Trump campaign negotiated that down.

Instead of money, the campaign offered to allow the group to set up a table to sell merchandise and CDs, a potentially more lucrative offer.

But when they showed up at the rally, there was no table and no merchandise sales. D’oh!

“Well folks, Donald Trump thinks he can get away with this, but I’m going to hold him accountable and get his attention with a flashy song-and-dance number,” Colbert said.

He introduced a counter patriotic group.

“Because I don’t think children should be involved in the dirty world of politics, here with a new song for Donald Trump, please welcome the USA Freedom Grown-Ups,” he announced.

Boy, did they sing a different tune. Check out the hilarious video below and their full performance.

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