Angelina Jolie, who has been open about her past drug use, bought cocaine and heroin twice a week, claims her former drug dealer.

“We’d see each other two to three times a week when she was in town,” Angelina’s ex-dealer, Franklin Meyer tells Life & Style in a new interview. “She would buy cocaine and also heroin.”

Meyer says he met Angelina in February 1997, when she and a male friend came to buy drugs from him at NYC’s Chelsea Hotel. At the time, Jolie was 21 and became a regular customer, he says.

“She would generally spend about $100 each time – that would buy maybe half a gram of coke and a 10th of a gram of heroin,” Meyer recounts. “She would snort the cocaine and the heroin in front of me. It didn’t seem to matter to her who else was there.”

In July 2010, Meyer sold unauthorized photos to Star magazine of a young Angelina reportedly high on heroin, posing in grainy S&M-type photos with tape on her nipples and lying on her back with a dog leash around her neck.


Jolie, who has previously discussed her past experimentation with drugs as a suicidal, depressed 20-something living in New York, was high when she appeared on the Charlie Rose Show, claims Meyer.

He recounted: “She was at my place. I was filming her and she’d taken coke. She went directly to do The Charlie Rose Show [to promote Girl Interrupted],” he says.

In 1999, Jolie won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her moving portrayal of Lisa Rowe, a psychopathic drug addict in a mental institution.

Angelina, who has admitted she was a “Method Actor” in her twenties, usually threw herself into her characters, and later revealed she was depressed and emotionally drained after playing the drug addict supermodel Gia Carangi in 1998 and the disturbed Lisa Rowe immediately afterward, in 1999.

Separately, Meyer also claims Angelina had bizarre photos of dead bodies plastered on her apartment walls at her home in the Ansonia building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

“I assumed they were real bodies,” he says. “They were like places or apartments where there were murders. I don’t know where someone would get pictures like that.”

[Editor’s note: In past interviews, Jolie admitted that she was morbidly obsessed with death, and even considered becoming a funeral director. It’s unclear why Meyer is coming forward now with these relevations, which Jolie has never tried to hide in the past.]


While allegations of past drug use might damage the reputation of a clean-cut Disney star, Angelina has been so open about her past drug and alcohol use that so-called new revelations from her “scandalous” past seem tame compared to the admissions she has herself made over the years.

In her teens and early twenties, Angelina admits she was sometimes self-destructive, experimenting with drugs and going through bouts of severe depression. “I knew little about the world and I was completely self-absorbed,” says Jolie.

Angelina, now 35, has openly spoken of her teenage self-loathing, which led to cutting herself with knives, her fascination with death (and even considered a career as a funeral director), thoughts of suicide, and undefined feelings of frustration. Looking back on this period in 2003, she explained:

“I used to think I was unstable, because I had this thirst for something. I could never figure out what it was.

I couldn’t sleep at night, and I always wanted to be somewhere else, and I have a window tattooed, this little box, and it’s because wherever I was, I wanted to be somewhere else. And I always saw myself — wherever I was in life — staring out the window.”

In 2001, Jolie was named the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR). Since then, she has visited UNHCR refugee operations in the Balkans, Sierra Leone, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Cambodia, Thailand, Pakistan and Ecuador.


The experience completely changed her outlook. “I’ve become a better human being,” Jolie has said. “I’ve learned the strength of the human spirit.

“I see different aid workers in camps helping each other from everywhere – people who have come together from all over the world to help. It’s changed my view of what is important. I’m not so concerned with things I used to be so concerned with. I feel that [now] I’m of some use to other people in the world.”

Becoming a mom has been a similarly transformative experience (Jolie adopted son Maddox in 2002 and has since adopted two other children and given birth to 3).

“It was only when I came out of my shell and started taking care of others that I found the real Angelina,” she said.

Samantha Chang is the executive editor of TheImproper and a celebrity writer at Examiner.