Russian spy Anna Chapman has not only come in from the cold, she’s turning up the heat in Moscow with her first post-arrest photo shoot in the Russian edition of Maxim magazine. Anna is no Cold War babushka; she’s also the face of a Russian bank.

The comely spy, who was arrested in the United States, became an instant sex symbol after an ex-boyfriend released racy photos of her.

She dropped out of sight for a while, but she’s now making a name for herself in her home country.

Chapman. 28, is working with FondServisBank, purportedly to hlep innovate its information technologies.

But the job raised eyebrows after savvy Russians noted that the bank’s initials are the same as Russia’s main spy agency.

Ironically, the FBI arrested Chapman after they cracked her Internet code.

They spy ring proved to be particularly inept and is not thought to have uncovered any national secrets. It was nested in New Jersey.

Click here to see the video from Anna’s Maxim shoot!

After their arrest, Chapman and the spies were shipped back to Russia in a swap for four Western agents.

Chapman surfaced in the bank’s employ at the Baikonur cosmodrome last week. She was on hand for the launch of Russian rocket carrying a Russian-American crew to the international space station.

She caused a sensation when she was spotted wearing a bright red pea coat at the cosmodrome, but her layout in Maxim is sure to turn even more heads.

Check out her photos here: click to enlarge.