Robert Pattinson  bemoans Hollywood for making so many superhero movies. He plays a character caught in the rise of fascism in 'The Childhood of a Leader.'  (Photo: Venice Film Festival)

Robert Pattinson bemoans Hollywood for making so many superhero movies. He plays a character caught in the rise of fascism in ‘The Childhood of a Leader.’ (Photo: Venice Film Festival)

Robert Pattinson is still best remembered for his “Twilight” movies even if he doesn’t remember promoting the vampire series. “I just got wasted the whole time,” he says in a new interview. He also bemoans superhero movies and the actors who “waste” their careers on them.

“Twilight” was an unexpected hit when the first movie debuted in 2008.

With the film’s success, then-struggling studio Lionsgate was desperate to keep the momentum going. As such, Pattinson, initially was required to do as many as 80 interviews a day–for weeks at a time–to promote the vampire flick, he reveals.

“You feel insane, but I think the studio cut my days because I started speaking total gibberish,” he tells London’s Sunday Times. “Be a total liability,” he advises.

The other way he dealt with the exhaustive–an often repetitive interviews–was to numb himself with alcohol. “I just got wasted the whole time,” he says.

“Twilight” not only put Rob on the map, it also made him an international superstar. His career took a somewhat curious turn after that. Instead of leaping into another blockbuster, he’s focused on smaller, independent films.

The decision, he reveals, wasn’t totally by choice.

“Your only option is to do a superhero movie. You can do a superhero, or you can do indies. That’s it!” he says. “You cannot even do Nicolas Cage movies. You can’t even do ‘Con Air.’ I would love to do ‘Con Air.'”

“Con Air,” a 1997 action-adventure film featured Cage as a newly paroled ex-con and former U.S. Ranger who is trapped in a prisoner transport plane after the convicts seize control.

Pattinson has done similar films. In “The Rover,” an action-adventure film co-starring Guy Pearce, Pattinson played a gang member in a dystopian world set in post-apocalyptic Australia.

Rob admits his film roles lately, may be throwing his old “Twilight” fans for a loop. “A lot of the stuff is very obscure,” he says of his post-“Twilight” roles.

“I think there is no way if you saw ‘The Rover’, you wouldn’t think, ‘He’s trying to find things completely new.’ The entire point is to be disoriented, as I am trying to do that for myself,” he says.

Rob’s latest film, “The Childhood of a Leader,” is sure to keep “Twilight” fans guessing.

He took the small part “because nothing else exists anymore,” he says in another knock on Hollywood.

The big pictures, he adds, just aren’t that interesting, compared with the 1990s, when there seemed to be a lot more options.

Actually, he says he took the role to help long-time friend Brady Corbet get the picture made.

Corbet scrounged for years trying to get financing. “It’s the smartest way to use success,” he say of Pattinson. “Because the way sales work is that actors become objects with a certain value… Rob’s involvement means [a director] can be on the path to getting it made.”

The film co-stars Bérénice Bejo, Liam Cunningham, Stacy Martin, Yolande Moreau and Tom Sweet.

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