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Sailor Brinkley Cook lashed out at Instagram trolls who said she’s not as pretty as her supermodel mom, Christie Brinkley. (Instagram)

Christie Brinkley‘s daughter, Sailor Brinkley Cook, slammed Internet trolls who constantly compare her to her supermodel mom, saying she’s not competing with her or anyone else.

Sailor unleashed a volcanic rant on Instagram after haters commented that she’s not as pretty as mom Christie.

“Everyone needs to stop putting me and my siblings and me and my mother in competition,” Sailor wrote.

“I believe comparison will kill you. Comparison to others is toxic and unhealthy.”

Cook continued: “As long as I am happy, healthy and kind to others why should i care if i am not as ‘pretty’ as someone else? Let alone not as ‘pretty’ as my own blood relatives?”

Sailor said she’s astonished that there are so many haters out there who deliberately want to make her feel bad when she doesn’t even know them.

“I just will never understand these people who WANT to make me feel badly, who WANT to tell an 18 year old girl she cant follow her dreams because if she does she WONT BE AS GOOD AS HER MOM WAS,” wrote Cook.

“I’m just a person figuring out what i want to do and what makes me happy. Leave me alone.”

sailor brinkley cook instagram

Sadly, Sailor isn’t the only one of Christie Brinkley’s three children who has been viciously slammed online.

Alexa Ray Joel, Brinkley’s daughter with rocker ex-husband Billy Joel, has repeatedly lamented how annoyed she was to be compared to her gorgeous mom.

Alexa has said dealing with the constant comparisons damaged her self-esteem as a child. In 2009, Alexa Ray was hospitalized after taking sleep pills in an attempted suicide.

Joel later revealed she was distraught after having broken up with an ex-boyfriend. Alexa is now healthy and well.

christie-brinkley bikini diet-workout weight loss tips

Christie Brinkley shared her anti-aging beauty and fitness secrets in her bestseller, “Timeless Beauty.” (Photos: Instagram)

Meanwhile, Christie Brinkley is a stone-cold goddess at age 62, thanks to a mostly vegan diet and daily exercise, Celebrity Health Fitness reported.

Brinkley says a positive attitude and staying engaged with the world around you is critical for healthy aging and true happiness.

“I really believe attitude plays a huge part in how you feel,” said Christie, who revealed her beauty and fitness secrets in her book, Timeless Beauty. “One of the best is to care about the world around you.”

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