jeremy meeks hot felon hot mugshot guy gets modeling contract

Jeremy Meeks, the convicted felon who became famous as ‘Hot Mugshot Guy,’ hopes modeling can help him turn his life around. (Instagram)

Jeremy Meeks, the ex-felon who became an Internet celebrity thanks to his hot mugshot, is kick-starting his modeling career by posing with Anwar Hadid, the male model brother of budding supermodel Gigi Hadid.

Meeks, 32, posted an Instagram photo of himself posing next to Anwar, who recently covered Teen Vogue.

It’s unclear why the two were photographed together, but Jeremy has already made headlines after landing a modeling contract with White Cross Management when he was still in jail.

Meeks, who was dubbed “Hot Mugshot Guy,” “Hot Convict,” and “Hot Felon,” became an overnight celebrity after his sexy mug shot nearly broke the Internet.

Jeremy’s dubious rise to stardom began after he was arrested in 2014 for alleged felony weapons possession as part of a sweep of gangs in Stockton, California.

Jeremy’s hot mugshot went viral after the Stockton Police Department posted it on its Facebook page, Celebrity Health Fitness reported.

Throngs of lovesick women went crazy over the dreamy, 6-foot-tall, blue-eyed bandit.

Meeks’ mug shot immediately garnered more than 100,000 Facebook likes and almost 27,000 comments.

jeremy meeks anwar hadid modeling

‘Hot convict’ Jeremy Meeks posed with Anwar Hadid, the brother of model Gigi Hadid. (Instagram)

Meeks’ mother, Katherine Angier, wrote on social media that her son is a devoted husband and father.

Angier said Meeks’ tattooed appearance has caused him to be stereotyped, but he’s a kind, gentle man.

“He has old tattoos, which causes him to be stereotyped,” wrote Angier.


Jeremy Meeks’ hot mugshot and chiseled good looks spawned memes like this one, which imagined him as a Calvin Klein model. (YouTube)

Jeremy’s meteoric rise to stardom is no surprise to University of Texas economics professor Daniel S. Hamermesh, who says society gives beautiful people the benefit of the doubt in many ways.

In his book, Beauty Pays, Hamermesh said beautiful people are happier, earn more money, and enjoy more social perks than less-attractive people. Studies also show good-looking people tend to receive lighter jail sentences (especially in jury trials).

In Jeremy Meeks’ case, they also land modeling contracts, even in prison. We hope Jeremy’s new modeling career can help him turn his life around.

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