Eva Longoria Raps For MTV Europe Music Awards (watch!) 1Eva Longoria Parker throws down a rhyme to promote the MTV Europe Music Awards and shows she’s not only hot to watch, but can keep a beat.

“The Desperate Housewives” star strips down to a cut-away bodysuit and breaks out in a hilarious rhyme.

It’s impossible not to roll with the camera as it pans down her body, but Longoria quickly sets everybody straight.

“Yo, my eyes are up here,” she says.

Longoria will host the MTV EMAs in Madrid, Nov. 7.

She starts the video demurely enough, it what looks like a straight-forward pitch:

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“Hi, I’m Eva Longoria, host of this year’s EMAs. I wanted to tell you a little but about myself, in song,” she says with a semi-serious tone.

Then, she breaks loose:

“Yo, I’m Eva Longoria and this is my storia,
one sweet homegirl who comes from Wysteria.

“‘I’m Latin, thighs like satin. I’m on TV, all over the world.
“A desperate housewife in high heels and pearls.’

“I am the queen, yeah, I am the host.
“Any time I want I can order French toast. Yo. Any time.

“All day. They have to make it for me. That’s right, ‘cus I’m the host.”

Watch her bang it out; but remember, Yo, her eyes are up here.