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Bruce Carter, the founder of Black Men For Bernie, says Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party have taken the African-American vote for granted for far too long, while failing to deliver on promises to improve their communities. (Facebook)

Black Men for Bernie founder Bruce Carter slammed Hillary Clinton for paying lip service to African-American voters with empty promises of change while doing nothing to improve their communities.

Carter said Hillary and the Democratic Party have failed African-Americans and are playing minority voters for fools by taking their votes for granted.

Carter, who supported Vermont senator Bernie Sanders during the primaries, now supports Donald Trump and plans to campaign for Trump against Hillary in battleground states this fall.

“If black communities vote for Hillary Clinton and Democrats in November, nothing will change because Democrats will continue to believe they don’t have to do anything to earn our votes,” Carter told Breitbart, which explained:

“Carter told Breitbart News that his greatest awakening of how Democrats exploit minority voters came when he learned from the Washington Post that the Democratic Party spends less than 2 percent of its campaign resources with minority-owned companies, even though they get better than 90 percent of the black vote.

“It is a practice that Carter calls ‘political slavery.'”

Carter also blasted Hillary for race baiting, saying the predictable smear tactic of attacking Trump as racist is not credible because she falsely accused him and the “Bernie Bros” of being sexist.

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Bill and Hillary Clinton went from ‘dead broke’ to a net worth of $150 million peddling political influence using Hillary’s job as Secretary of State, according to the book ‘Clinton Cash.’

“Hillary Clinton is for Hillary Clinton and the rich donors of the Clinton Foundation,” said Carter.

“We know that Bill and Hillary did major damage to our communities the last time they were in the White House. We know they will lie about their opponents by unfairly labeling them sexists and racists and radicals.”

Another tipping point for Bruce Carter and the Black Men for Bernie movement came after a WikiLeaks release of 20,000 internal e-mails of the Democratic National Committee showed the primary election was rigged, as TheImproper has reported.

The damning WikiLeaks release led to the resignations of former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and four other top DNC officials.

While Hillary has been trying to label Donald Trump as racist, she was the target of angry African-Americans, who protested outside a swanky Miami fundraiser on Aug. 27 with shouts of “Hillary is racist!”

Black Men For Bernie isn’t the only minority voter group that feels used by Hillary and the Democratic Party.

Neither Clinton nor the Democratic Party has made any significant outreach efforts to Asian-Americans because they assume Asian-Americans will vote Democratic so there’s no need to pander to, or even acknowledge, them.

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Black Men For Bernie supports Bernie Sanders because he talks the talk and walks the walk to help minorities, unlike Hillary, who only panders to minorities when she needs their votes. (Chicago Tribune/YouTube)

As an Asian-American who is politically Independent, I can state that this is largely due to the fact that Democrats have been very successful at painting Republicans as racist.

This is the narrative Asian-Americans have bought into for decades. This is something my brothers and I heard as children from our South Korean immigrant parents.

Few people know that Democrats supported slavery while Republicans opposed it, bestselling author Dinesh D’Souza wrote in Hillary’s America.

democrats-republicans-racism kkkOther tidbits D’Souza revealed: The Ku Klux Klan was founded by a Democrat, and Democrats opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. And who would have guessed that civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King was a Republican?

Yet somehow, minorities have embraced Democrats as the “pro-minority” party until it became mantra that Republicans are racists who hate people of color.

This election cycle, groups such as Black Men For Bernie say Hillary and her complacent ilk are in for a rude awakening.

“The Democrat establishment is about to learn the hard way that they don’t own the minority vote,” said Bruce Carter.

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