clarence henderson civil rights activist supports trump cnn

Civil rights hero Clarence Henderson was viciously slammed on Twitter for supporting Donald Trump during a CNN interview. (

Clarence Henderson, an African-American civil rights icon who staged the 1960 sit-in at a Woolworth’s lunch counter to protest segregation, got dragged on Twitter for endorsing Donald Trump.

Henderson was denounced as a sell-out and an “Uncle Tom” for supporting Trump during a CNN interview.

“How much is Donald Trump paying Clarence Henderson? asked one user. “This Uncle Tom fool has sold his soul to the devil.”

Another chimed in: “Clarence Henderson just negated everything good he did for civil rights. SMH!”

Henderson said it’s time to vote out say-anything, do-nothing politicians like Hillary Clinton and vote in a businessman like Trump to enact real change.

“Politicians are a dime a dozen,” Henderson told CNN (see video).

“Donald Trump is a businessman, and America is a business. In order to run America, you have to understand the economics of America.”

Henderson joins a growing chorus of African-Americans who are rejecting the empty rhetoric of career politicians like Hillary Clinton, saying they make lofty promises of change without delivering any results.

Henderson said struggling African-American communities need a hand up not a hand-out and that promising “free stuff” only perpetuates a permanent underclass dependent on welfare.

“One of the biggest problems in America right now, especially in black communities, is the lack of jobs,” said Clarence. “[Trump] has proven that he knows how to create jobs.”

Henderson, chairman of the North Carolina Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission, added: “We are the land of opportunity, not the land of entitlement.”

In February 1960, Clarence Henderson (see photo, far right) and three African-American students staged a sit-in at a segregated Woolworth’s lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The peaceful protest was a turning point in the youth-led movement to promote civil rights across the United States.

clarence henderson woolsworth sit in civil rights

Henderson rejects the race-baiting smear tactics of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, which has repeatedly called Donald Trump a racist.

Henderson is familiar with the Democratic talking point of trashing all Republicans as racist because he was a Democrat.

“I understand that platform because I’ve been a Democrat,” said Henderson. “I come from a time known as ‘Jim Crow.’ I know what racism is and isn’t.”

While pro-Hillary mainstream media like MSNBC and CNN (aka – “Clinton News Network”) report that all minorities  especially African-Americans and Hispanics despise Trump, there are many who support him.

Henderson has spoken extensively with Donald Trump, and believes the real estate billionaire is misunderstood because of his brash demeanor.

“He is a very personable guy,” said Henderson. “He comes off different on TV than he is in person.”

Clarence Henderson underscored that you don’t have to like Trump personally to support him, because what counts is results which the Democrats failed to deliver to the African-American community even though African-Americans have voted Democratic for decades.

“I am not looking to like Donald Trump,” said Henderson. “I’m looking at what he can do, and the history of the Republican Party versus the Democratic Party.”

democrats-republicans-racism kkkBruce Carter, founder of Black Men For Bernie, also supports Trump and plans to campaign for him in battleground states this fall, as TheImproper has reported.

Carter said oligarchical career politicians like Hillary Clinton pander to minorities when they need their votes but do nothing to improve their struggling communities.

“If black communities vote for Hillary Clinton and Democrats in November, nothing will change because Democrats will continue to believe they don’t have to do anything to earn our votes,” said Carter. “Hillary Clinton is for Hillary Clinton and the rich donors of the Clinton Foundation.”