Justin Bieber in Lipstick, Makeup, Eyeliner WTF? (see photo) 1Justin Bieber has boyish good looks for a teen of 16, but he looks more like a young girl in a highly feminized photo of the star on the cover of a magazine.

Portuguese magazine, Toda Teen Star shows Bieber in a softly lit photo with his trademark hair sweeping across his forehead. His face looks heavily made up, he’s wearing eye-liner and his lips are a plump and pillowy with a pink sparkle sheen from lipstick.

Check out Justin’s photo (above) then click on his cover photo to enlarge.

Justin Bieber in Lipstick, Makeup, Eyeliner WTF? (see photo) 2

The photo is likely to draw comparisons with openly gay singer Adam Lambert, who wears makeup and eyeliner regularly.

Readers complained via Twitter and on the magazine’s Web site that Justin appeared to have been digitally altered.

The magazine finally responded with a statement: “We’d never think it’s necessary to alter pictures of him. Natural beauty says it all, right?”

The look coincides with Beiber’s recent endorsement of a collection of nail polishes inspired by his hit songs.

The range is called One Less Lonely Girl, and Bieber personally designed six of the polishes.
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“One Less Lonely Glitter” is a glittery purple polish; “Prized Possession Purple”” is a grape-coloured polish and “Give Me The First Dance” is a silver polish.

“Me+Blue” is a dark blue color; “OMB!” is bright red and “Step 2 the Beat of My Heart,” is purple heart-shaped glitter.

The polishes will go on sale exclusively at Wal-Mart for Christmas.

Bieber is also working on his own fragrance line, typically the domain of female pop stars.

His “My World” line will be sold on wristbands and dog tags as opposed to liquid form or solid perfume; which is wax in a compact form.

It will be a unisex fragrance, and packaged to appeal to the teen market.

Bieber has yet to reveal the fragrance notes but has revealed that he doesn’t like any scents that are “too fruity.”

Like him, maybe?