CNN sister network HLN censors Trump supporter T shirt

HLN, the sister network of the pro-Hillary CNN, blurred out the logo on a Trump T-shirt worn by Good Samaritan Steve Eckel, who had rescued a baby from a hot car. (YouTube)

HLN, the sister network of the pro-Hillary CNN, censored the T-shirt of Donald Trump supporter Steve Eckel, a Good Samaritan who had rescued a baby from a hot car.

Eckel, a retired New Jersey police officer, saw a four-month-old baby sitting alone inside a hot car at a mall parking lot in 90-degree weather.

He called 911 and used a sledge hammer to break into the car and rescue the baby.

When Eckel was interviewed by HLN, he wore a blue T-shirt with a “Trump for President” logo splashed across the front.

When the interview was rebroadcast an hour later, HLN had blurred out the shirt (see video).

When reached for comment, HLN claimed the blurring was a mistake.

“We blurred the logo and shouldn’t have,” according to an HLN statement. “It was done in error.”

The T-shirt censorship comes just one week after HLN cancelled “Dr. Drew On Call,” the TV show host since 2011 by physician Dr. Drew Pinsky.

The cancellation occurred just 8 days after Dr. Drew had questioned if Hillary Clinton suffered brain damage after her 2012 concussion, Celebrity Health Fitness reported.

HLN a sister network of the pro-Hillary CNN claimed the decision was “mutual,” but Dr. Drew fans felt the firing was punishment for questioning Hillary’s health, as TheImproper has reported.

A week after Pinsky was fired, the Huffington Post fired a journalist hours after he posted an article questioning Hillary’s health.

latinos for trump rally

The group ‘Latinos For Trump’ held a rally in Anaheim, California, on Aug. 28. The event was largely ignored by mainstream media because it contradicts their narrative that all Latinos/minorities hate Trump. (Photo: Twitter)

These mainstream media attacks on freedom of the press are the reason why only 6% of the public say they trust the media, according to a 2016 American Press Institute survey.

Trump supporters especially have noticed the blatant liberal media bias, pointing to the 24-7 negative press scrutiny of Donald Trump, while glossing over Hillary Clinton’s multiple e-mail scandals, pay-to-play Clinton Foundation controversy, and her refusal to do a press conference in 271 days.

Flashback: Remember when Hillary Clinton slammed “illegal immigrants,” wanted a border wall, and called for deportations before she started pandering to Latinos and minorities for our votes?

Where was the media outrage and accusations of racism?