sean diddy combs says obama shortchanged blacks, slams hillary sean combs

Sean Diddy Combs said President Obama shortchanged African-Americans after relying on the black vote to get him elected twice, and warned Hillary Clinton she must earn the black vote. (Instagram)

Sean “Diddy” Combs said African-Americans got “shortchanged” by President Obama even though black voters won him two elections, and warned Hillary Clinton not to take minority votes for granted.

Diddy made the comments during an interview with Rev. Al Sharpton Sept. 4, where he said he was disappointed that the Obama administration and the Democratic Party have done too little to help the African-American community.

“My No. 1 thing, to be honest, is black people,” the rap mogul told Sharpton (see video at 4:12). “I feel like we put President Obama in the White House.

“When I look back, I just wanted more done for my people because that’s the name of the game.”

Sean Combs, whose net worth tops $750 million, said when voters elect a politician, they expect them to make good on their pre-election promises.

“You put somebody in office, you get in return the things that you care about for your communities,” said Diddy. “We got a little bit shortchanged.”

Diddy joins a growing chorus of African-Americans who are rejecting the empty rhetoric of career politicians like Hillary Clinton, saying they make lofty promises of change without delivering any results.

Combs said Hillary should not to take minority votes for granted, because pandering for votes is not enough: Politicians must earn their votes and then must deliver results.

“Hillary Clinton, I hope she starts to directly talk to the black community,” said Diddy.

“It really makes me feel almost hurt that our issues are not addressed, and we’re such a big part of the voting bloc.”

democrats-republicans-racism kkk sean combs slams obamaSean Combs said Hillary and other Democrats should stop taking black voters for granted or they are in for a serious wake up call.

“Make them come for our vote,” Diddy said. “We need to hold our vote, because I don’t believe any of them.”

Civil rights hero Clarence Henderson agrees. Henderson said struggling African-American communities need a hand up not a hand-out and that promising “free stuff” only perpetuates a permanent underclass dependent on welfare.

“One of the biggest problems in America right now, especially in black communities, is the lack of jobs,” said Henderson. “[Donald Trump] has proven that he knows how to create jobs.”

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Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs joined Melania and Donald Trump at a 2005 fundraiser that raised money for disadvantaged youth in New York and Florida. (Getty Images)

Clarence Henderson said you don’t have to like Trump personally to support him, because what counts is results which the Democrats have failed to deliver to the African-American community even though blacks have voted Democratic for the past 50 years

“I am not looking to like Donald Trump,” said Henderson. “I’m looking at what he can do.”

Bruce Carter, founder of Black Men For Bernie, said he plans to campaign for Trump in battleground states this fall, as TheImproper has reported.

Carter said oligarchical career politicians like Hillary pander to minorities when they need their votes but do nothing to improve their struggling communities.

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“If black communities vote for Hillary Clinton and Democrats in November, nothing will change because Democrats will continue to believe they don’t have to do anything to earn our votes,” said Bruce Carter.

“Hillary Clinton is for Hillary Clinton and the rich donors of the Clinton Foundation. The Democrat establishment is about to learn the hard way that they don’t own the minority vote.”

Flashback: Remember when Hillary slammed “illegal immigrants,” wanted a border wall, and called for deportations before she started pandering to Latinos and minorities for our votes?

Where was the media outrage and accusations of racism?