Donald Trump was called out for lying by the Chicago Police Department over a claim his 'get tough' policy was endorsed by a 'top officer.'   (Photo: Getty)

Donald Trump was called out for lying by the Chicago Police Department over a claim his ‘get tough’ policy was endorsed by a ‘top officer.’
(Photo: Getty)

Donald Trump was caught in another lie during an interview with Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly. The GOP candidate claimed a “top” Chicago police officer had endorsed his “get tough” policy on policing and said it cold solve the city’s crime problems “in a week.”

But a Chicago police spokesman said the candidate’s statements were false.

“No one in the senior command at CPD has ever met with Donald Trump or a member of his campaign,” said the spokesman Frank Giancamilli, according to NBC News.

Nonetheless, Trump told O’Reilly in August that a “top” Chicago officer told him he could “stop much of this horror show that’s going on” within a single week.

Chicago police officers whom he knows who would put an end to violent crime “if they were given the authority to do it,” Trump added.

“I went to a top police officer in Chicago, who is not the police chief and I could see by the way he was dealing with his people… he was rough-tough guy. They respected him greatly,” he claimed.

“He said, ‘Mr. Trump, within one week we could stop much of this horror-show that is going on.”

Giancamilli also said “the best way to address crime is through a commitment to community policing and a commitment to stronger laws to keep illegal guns and repeat violent offenders off the street.”

The Trumps campaign walked back Trump’s statements in an interview with the Chicago Tribune. It said Trump did not mean to say the officer was a senior commander. Instead, Trump “spoke with some talented and dedicated police officers on a prior visit.”

Trump also clashed with Chicago police in another incident. The GOP candidate claimed he was advised by the department to cancel a campaign rally due to threats of violence.

But the department subsequently issued a statement saying it did not advise Trump to cancel the rally, nor did it issue any advisory relating to public safety threats.

During the campaign, Trump has been called out numerous times for lying or misstating facts like his support for the Iraq war.

Last week, he finally admitted that he was wrong about President Obama’s birth. For five years, he promoted the so-called “birther conspiracy” that Obama was born in Nigeria and was a practicing Muslim. Neither claim is true.

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