The Halloween staple Saw franchise is expected to take the fattest cut out of the weekend box office with the release of “Saw 3-D,” the first in the series to add the extra dimension.

In a more limited release, “Welcome to the Riley’s” debuts starring James Gandolfini, Melissa Leo and Twilight’s Kristen Stewart.

Gandolfini and Leo play Doug and Lois Riley, who taken in a waif, Stewart, to help heal their marriage following the death of their daughter.

“Wild Target,” with Emily Blunt, Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint and Bill Nighy and the sci-fi thriller, “Monsters.” will also debut in select theaters.

Paramount’s horror flick “Paranormal Activity 2,” which opened surprisingly strong last week, is expected to take second place at the box this weekend. It opened with a surprising $40.7 million last week.

The horror Saw movies have been an annual event since 2004, but this could the biggest box office for a picture yet with the addition of IMAX theaters, which come with higher ticket prices.

The $20 million film is expected to earn more than $20 million in its first weekend out, enough to likely claim first place at the box office.

Last year’s “Saw VI” opened with a disappointing $14.1 million and only grossed $27.9 million during its run.

“Saw III” holds the franchise record, earning $33.6 million in its 2006 debut. It grossed $80.3 million, just short of the record $87 million collected a year earlier by “Saw II.” It opened with a $31 million weekend box.

This is the seventh and reportedly final Saw film. In all the series has earned $700 million.

Saw 3D takes one last look at Jigsaw and his legacy.

A group of Jigsaw’s survivors get together, hoping for help from a fellow survivor turned self-help guru. But there are other plans in store, which may lead to the deadliest consequences to date.