Christine O'Donnell in hard party mode as a horny Halloween ladybug. (Photo: Gawker)

Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell’s Halloween pick-up from Hell three years ago, who sold a story about the encounter to gossip Web site Gawker is Dustin Dominiak, a pasty-looking shlub who was outed today (Oct. 29) by his ex-roommate.

Gawker, which has been trying to take the journalistic high road lately, engaged in a little low-road checkbook journalism to get Dominiak’s account.

The site acknowledged it paid him a “modest sum” (since described as low four figures) and did not identify him in the first-person article, which ran on Thursday.

The story immediately provoked an outcry from both left and right of the political spectrum.

Critics characterized the story as a hatchet job, while the National Organization for Women called it misogynistic and tantamount to “public sexual harassment.”

Christine O’Donnell’s Pronouncements on Sex, Life, Love and Witchcraft:

“It is not enough to be abstinent with other people, you also have to be be abstinent alone. The Bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery, so you can’t masturbate without lust.” — MTV Interview

“We took the Bible and prayer out of public schools. Now we’re having weekly shootings. We had the 60s sexual revolution, and now people are dying of AIDS.” — Politically Incorrect With Bill Mayer

“America is now a socialist economy. The definition of a socialist economy is when 50% or more your economy is dependent on the federal government.” — Campaign Speech

“You can’t masturbate without lust.” / “I’m a young woman in my thirties and I remain chaste.” –MTV Interview

“I dabbled into witchcraft. I never joined a coven.” / “One of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar.” — Politically Incorrect, 1999

“American scientific companies are cross-breeding humans and animals and coming up with mice with fully functioning human brains.” — The O’Reilly Factor, 2007

“You know what, evolution is a myth.” / “Why aren’t monkeys still evolving into humans?” – Politically Incorrect, 1998

O’Donnell’s camp responded to the story on Facebook, calling it “sexist, slanderous and shameful.”

O’Donnell, a Tea Party yahoo, has been one of the most controversial candidates in the current election because of her outlandish statements and far-right political orientation.

She also describes herself as a conservative Christian and a strong advocate of “family values.”

That was enough to convince Gawker to run the item because it illustrated, it said, O’Donnell’s hypocrisy.

Gawker published a lengthy statement today adding further explanation.

“What’s missing from most of the criticism,” the statement said, “is this essential bit of context: Christine O’Donnell is seeking federal office based in part on her self-generated, and carefully tended, image as a sexually chaste woman.

“She lies about who she is; she tells that lie in service of an attempt to impose her private sexual values on her fellow citizens; and she’s running for Senate,” the statement continues.

“We thought information documenting that lie—that O’Donnell does not live a chaste life as she defines the word, and in fact hops into bed, naked and drunk, with men that she’s just met—was of interest to our readers.”

Dominiak recounted a racy one-night stand with the candidate on Halloween night.

He said O’Donnell drank and partied hard, made sexual advances toward him and was eager to get naked and have sex, even though she claimed to be a virgin.

In contrast, O’Donnell wrote in a 1998 essay: “As Christians, virginity is not even our goal. Purity and holiness are our calling in Christ.”

His former roommate Brad Kurisko, who ended up dating O’Donnell for about a year, revealed Dominiak’s identity to Web site, The Smoking Gun.

“I have to go home and kick his ass,” Kurisko said of Dominiak, whom he refused to identify at first. “I had no idea that any pictures existed.” He added that he only became aware of the story after speaking to The Smoking Gun.

Gawker also published photos with O’Donnell decked out as a horny ladybug, which were a tip off for Kurisko.

Just for the record, Gawker states that it fully supports men and women hopping into bed with other men or women, naked and drunk, after just meeting.