Donald Trump is winning unexpectedly in many polls because over-the-top media attacks have essentially inoculated him against normal, substantive criticism. (Getty Images)

Hillary Clinton supporters are confounded and frustrated that Donald Trump is winning in some polls even though Hillary has outspent Trump almost 6 to 1 and despite the nonstop barrage of negative stories from pro-Hillary media like CNN and MSNBC.

These Hillary allies may be even more upset to learn that it is their own over-the-top attacks on Trump that have inoculated him from run-of-the-mill criticism that would have destroyed any normal politician.

After all, once you compare someone to Hitler, where do you go from there?

When you equate Trump to a dictator who murdered six million people, criticizing him out for not releasing his tax returns seems laughable.

Trump is winning because blanket statements slamming him as racist, sexist, (enter random adjective), essentially neutralize any substantive attacks leveled at him.

What has surprised some political pundits is the growing number of minority voters backing Trump. The phenomenon contradicts the mainstream liberal media narrative that Trump has no support among black voters “because he’s racist.”

Yet African-Americans voters are increasingly supporting Trump while Hillary‘s poll numbers are plunging.

She has nowhere near the level of support among black voters that President Barack Obama had in 2008 and 2012. And she needs them desperately  93% of them to win.

black-voters-support-trump-as-hillary-poll-numbers-fall why trump is winningTrump’s support among black voters soared to 19.6% from 3.1% (a 16.5% spike), according to a recent Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California tracking poll.

Meanwhile, Hillary’s backing among African Americans tanked 19 points: from 90.4% to 71.4%.

Because the media trumpet Hillary as a champion for blacks and minorities, they feel betrayed when they learn that “black lives matter” is merely a slogan Clinton parrots to pander to African-American voters.

A new congressional report shows the Clinton Foundation distributed bogus AIDs drugs to African patients while skimming profits off the top.

The Clinton Foundation’s main drug distributor from 2003 to 2013 was an Indian drug manufacturer called Ranbaxy.

In 2013, Ranbaxy pleaded guilty to distributing substandard drugs with intent to defraud, and was fined $500 million by the Department of Justice.

During a 2013 conference call, several Ranbaxy executives dismissed concerns the company was giving fake drugs to Africans, Fortune reported.

“Who cares? It’s just blacks dying,” said one executive.

In 2013, Bill Clinton praised Ranbaxy for “saving the lives” of millions of people.

If this scandal had been linked to Trump, it wouldn’t have even registered with voters because of the media narrative that “Trump is Hitler,” so what’s the big deal?

When all is said and done, the media trying so hard to paint Hillary as a saint is harming their and her credibility.

If Clinton and her supporters were more honest about her shortcomings instead of pretending she has none, she might have become the first female president.

As it is now, experts like political science professor Helmut Norpoth say Trump will definitely win in November.

Norpoth’s statistical model has a 96% accuracy rate when analyzing all U.S. presidential elections dating back to 1912. And this year, he said, Trump is winning.