Hillary Clinton is surging among African-American voters according to a new poll. Donald Trump has fallen back to single-digit support. (Photo: Getty)

Hillary Clinton is surging among African-American voters according to a new poll. Donald Trump has fallen back to single-digit support. (Photo: Getty)

Hillary Clinton is surging among African-American voters, according to a new nationwide tracking poll. Donald Trump’s brief gains last week melted away following his controversial endorsement of racial profiling and stop-and-frisk policing, which have unfairly targeted minorities.

Clinton support among likely African-American voters hit 81 percent in the new NBC/WallStreetJournal poll.

Trump has 7 percent support among black voters, about the same as 2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney. President Obama won with 93-percent of the black vote.

Trump also saw an erosion among white male voters, his core base. The 70-year-old GOP candidate received 50 percent support among that group, 9 percentage points below Romney’s support four years ago, according to the poll.

The 9-point gap is “enormous,” according to NBC News, because white voters still make up the largest bloc of all voters.

Clinton’s white-male support is at 39 percent, the same number that delivered President Obama’s 2012 election victory.

Trump biggest voting bloc remains white males without a college education. He leads Clinton 76 percent to 17 percent, according to a separate ABC/Washington Post poll.

But whites with a college education, even those who identify as Republican, have abandoned him in droves compared with Romney, who won the demographic group in 2012, according to the NBC/WSJ poll.

Clinton leads among college-educated white men and has a 25 percentage point edge–57 percent to 32 percent–among college-educated white women.

Hispanic voters are also throwing their support to Clinton in overwhelming numbers, 69 percent to 18 percent–a 51-point lead. Romney also did better among Hispanics in 2012 than Trump is doing now.

The Trump campaign cheered a Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California tracking poll released last week.

It showed a bump in Trump’s African-American support from 3.1 percent to 19.6 percent. Clinton had 71 percent support, the same percentage as husband Bill Clinton in his victorious 1996 election, according to that poll.

But Trump’s gains came before he publicly endorsed racial-profiling and stop-and-frisk policing to fight crime in inner cities across the country.

Stop-and-frisk caused an uproar among civil liberties groups and minorities when it was introduced in New York City by then-Mayor Rudolph Guilliani, now a close Trump advisor.

In a legal challenge, Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin called the policy “demeaning and humiliating” for African-American communities. She overturned it on Constitutional grounds in a landmark 2013 court ruling.

“No one should live in fear of being stopped whenever he leaves his home to go about the activities of daily life,” she wrote in her opinion.

Trump continues to support the policy and has vowed to impose it on inner cities, despite the ruling.

Trump’s promise to brings jobs and prosperity to African-American communities was also undermined by his promise to abolish the federal minimum wage, which benefits both white and black working-poor families.

Trump’s also vowed to abolish the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, which has extended health insurance to more than 20 million mostly working-class black and white families.

Trump needs to beat Romney’s numbers to have a chance to win in November, according to pollsters.

He’ll meet Clinton in the first presidential debate Monday (Sept. 26) at Hofstra University.

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