John Oliver explained this season of scandals in the presidential election so a 5th grader could understand them. (Photo: Getty)

John Oliver explained this season of scandals in the presidential election so a 5th grader could understand them. (Photo: Getty)

John Oliver takes a hard look at supposed scandals involving Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. They have been exaggerated so much as to render them almost meaningless. Hillary’s, that is. Trump’s, it turns out, are pretty much as described.

Oliver had a field day on his show, HBO’s “Last Week Tonight,” delving into Clinton’s private email server and the Clinton Foundation.

Trump’s scandals, on the other hand, are almost too numerous to mention.

Oliver touched on Trump’s illegal Trump Foundation donations; his refusal to put his business holdings in a blind trust, if elected; his failure to release tax returns; the depth of his lying; shady global business dealings and shady business loans.

“And, the thing is, we have barely scratched the surface of his scandals… The point is, this campaign has been dominated by scandals. But it is dangerous to think that there is an equal number on both sides.

“You can be irritated by some of Hillary’s, that is understandable. But you should then be fu*king outraged by Trump’s,” he said.

During the Republican National Convention, Oliver noted, Clinton’s private email server was cited over and over again as a major scandal that merited her imprisonment.

Oliver scolded Clinton for taking the matter too lightly at first, and later dissembling about it before finally admitting she made a mistake.

“It’s a practice that is legal, but highly discouraged, although she is by no means the only one who has done that, ” he said.

Oliver listed a dozen other elected and high-ranking government officials who have done the same thing, including Colin Powell, John Kerry, NJ Gov. and Trump advisor Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Sarah Palin and Carl Rove.

Oliver also zeroed in on one of the biggest issues in the so-called “pay-for-play” Clinton Foundation scandal. It involves the sale of U.S. uranium mine to a Russian company.

“The controversy with the Clinton Foundation is not so much what they did with their money, it’s the possible conflict of interest in taking donations from individuals and foreign governments with business before the state department,” he explained.

What scandal mongers fail to mention is that the foundation in 2008 volunteered to notify the Obama administration of all donations and get approval in advance for contributions from certain foreign governments, he noted.

The so-called scandal broke after it was revealed that the State Department approved the sale of the uranium mine to a Russian company. At about the same time, a foundation controlled by the company’s chairman was making a $2.35 million donation to the Clinton Foundation.

The payments, reports at the time noted, were not publicly disclosed.

But as usual that’s not the whole story.

The donations actually came from the company’s chairman through a Canadian company that was eventually sold to the Russian company. The company wasn’t included in the foundation’s agreement with the government.

“Neither the law, nor the agreement were technically violated,” said Oliver, “though the spirit of the agreement definitely was.”

“Again, this looks bad, especially given that the State Department did sign off on the sale of that uranium mine to Russia.

“But not only was Hillary not involved in that decision, but eight other federal agencies, plus the Nuclear Regulatory Commission also had to sign off, which they did, ” he said.

“Any suggestion for pay-for-pay fails to account for the action of nine separate agencies,” he said.

“The worst thing you can say is they both look bad, but the harder you look the less you actually find… What is there is irritating rather than grossly nefarious.”

“And this is where it’s instructive to compare her to her opponent, Donald Trump,” he said.

If you’re are struggling with the idea of voting for Hillary because of all this. If you are irritated by her lying that is understandable, but he is quantifyingly worse.

Oliver explains the difference so a 5th grader could understand by using a chocolate chip cookie. It’s hilarious.

Check out the video of last night’s show. It’s hilarious.

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