Donald Trump has been denounced by more than 700 scientists, who called him 'too dangerous to be president. (Photo by Spencer Platt/ Getty Images).

Donald Trump has been denounced by more than 700 scientists, who called him ‘too dangerous to be president. (Photo by Spencer Platt/ Getty Images).

Donald Trump, a climate change denier who promises to allow unlimited fossil fuel production, has been denounced by more than 700 of the nation’s top scientists for a “dangerous rejection of scientific thinking,” an “embrace of conspiracy” theories and “anti-science attitudes.”

The issue came up during Monday’s presidential debate when Democratic rival Hillary Clinton chided Trump for calling climate change a conspiracy perpetrated by the Chinese.

Trump hotly denied it, but in 2012, he tweeted that very same message. (See right)

In the latest effort, a group known as “Not Who We Are” is being spearheaded by climate scientist Michael Mann, anthropologist Eugenie Scott, physician Harriet Hall, clinical neurologist Steven Novella and public health expert Robert Bullard

They launched the protest with a letter to the GOP candidate.

“In just over one day, more than 735 colleagues have signed the letter on the ‘Not Who We Are’ web site,” according to the group.

“Today, the president manages agencies that collectively employ thousands of scientists charged with critical tasks, from monitoring our air and water quality to testing new medicines, to managing our nuclear weapons stockpiles.

“People who embrace conspiracy theories, spread misinformation, and dismiss science should have no place in our government,” the scientists said.

“Trump’s views on many pressing topics are at odds with scientific reality and represent a dangerous rejection of scientific thinking.”

The scientists said they were compelled to speak out because Trump “transcends politics, policy, and ideology with his embrace of conspiracy theories, anti-science attitudes, and disregard for experts.”

In the area of public health, for example, Trump has has embraced “discredited fears” about a link between vaccines and autism. He’s even gone so far as to accused doctors of lying about vaccine safety.

Trump has argued that allowing unlimited production of fossil fuels in the United States will create thousands of new jobs.

But economists have blasted the idea, calling it uneconomical.

Oil is a global commodity controlled by the OPEC. The cartel includes nations like Saudi Arabia, which control vast reserves of easily obtainable oil.

OPEC has the reserves to slash prices and boost production as it did earlier this year to cut the price of oil and make it too expensive to produce from fracking, tar sands and other alternatives open to the U.S. oil industry.

Trump’s plan also doesn’t take into account the economic costs of increased pollution.

The group is encouraging people across the United States to start writing open letters as employees, professionals, students, and members of civic institutions to say that Donald Trump’s racially intolerant rhetoric and policies are “Not Who We Are.”

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