Lindsay Lohan Makes Light of Failing Career (watch!) 1Lindsay Lohan’s acting career may be failing, but the “Mean Girls” star hasn’t lost her sense of humor. She refuses to let her personal problems set her back in an hilarious video on Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die comedy web site.

As part of Jude Apatow’s All Star Video, Lohan appeared with Sarah Silverman, Jerry Seinfeld, Ben Stiller and Andy Samberg in the spot, which supports the American Jewish World Service.

“I’m Lindsay Lohan,” she says,”and I’m not Jewish, but I am happy to be here. These things pay well, right?”

Lohan has been in and out of jail and rehab this year for violating a probation order stemming from her 2007 arrest for drunk driving.

She is currently doing a three-month stint at California’s Betty Ford Clinic after failing two court-ordered drug tests.

Lohan has never hesitated to make light of her predicament.

Earlier this year, she appeared in a skit at the MTV Video Music Awards during which she tried to slap some sense into a drunk Chelsea Handler reminding her that no one likes a drunk.

Lohan recently complained in court papers that she cannot afford the 90-day cost of the Betty Ford clinci, which is about $53,000.

But the plea may be more of an effort to cut her stay short and get back to work.

Superior Court Judge Elden Fox rejected a request to be placed in outpatient care after one month,