Kim Kardashian photographed, Oct. 2, at the  Givenchy show as part of the Paris Fashion Week. She was robbed the next day of $11 million in jewels. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian photographed, Oct. 2, at the Givenchy show as part of the Paris Fashion Week. She was robbed the next day of $11 million in jewels. (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian was reportedly robbed in Paris of jewels worth an estimated $11 million. But elements of the crime just don’t add up–unless the robbers had someone on the inside feeding them crucial information. Otherwise it could have been a staged heist.

That would make Kardashian a suspect or at least what police call a “person of interest.”

Of course, to suggest Kim had a role in her own robbery is premature at best. But it should be at least one theory investigators explore as they work to solve the crime.

Any evidence, at this point, is circumstantial. But here are three possible scenarios:

  • Kim could simply have been the victim of a well-planned and executed robbery.
  • Or, someone close to her who knew her movements and other details, set her up.
  • Or Kim and unknown cohorts could have staged the robbery themselves.

At this point, anything is possible, and there are enough loose ends to make anyone a suspect–including Kim.

According to published reports, the reality star, 35, was robbed by five armed men wearing ski masks and clothes with police markings. At around 3 am, the robbers entered the building after the concierge let them in.

The concierge was handcuffed and led the robbers at gunpoint to the reality television personality’s apartment in the luxury Hotel Portales in the heart of the French capital.

“It’s always the same drill – a people carrier with dark windows turns up, along with the paparazzi and then we see here. Unfortunately too many people seem to know that she lives her,” a resident told London’s Daily Mail.

Kim’s children, three-year-old North and nine-month-old son Saint, were not with her. She was alone in the apartment.

For one thing, why was she traveling with so much personal jewelry, estimated to be worth $11 million, according to media reports?

If she followed Customs rules, she would have declared the expensive items to customs agents upon leaving the United States and entering France to avoid any confusion about duties and taxes.

If she did, then that could be a point where random robbers learned about her stash. If she didn’t, how could robbers know she was loaded with jewelry? That’s something only her inner circle would know.

What’s odd about it is the fact that celebrities who travel overseas to high-end galas, red carpet events or fashion shows typically borrow jewelry once they arrive.

That way, they avoid the hassles of carrying personal pieces and exposing themselves to theft.

Another suspicious piece of the puzzle is Kim’s itinerary.

She snap-chatted a photo of herself boarding a private plane for a Paris on Wednesday (Sept. 27). She was spotted the next day have lunch at a Paris restaurant, according to People. She was robbed Sunday night (Oct 3.)

That would give random thieves about 72 hours or slightly more to learn Kim had the jewelry, figure out where she was staying, case the place to learn the layout, come up with five police uniforms, choreograph the robbery and learn when Kim would be most vulnerable.

Even the most skillful thieves would be hard-pressed to orchestrate such an elaborate robbery in so short a time without inside help. Elite special forces often spend weeks, not hours, planning and rehearsing raids before carrying them out.

Then, there are the obvious questions.

How did thieves know Kim would be traveling without her ever present bodyguard?

How did they know Kim’s exact movements down to the minute to make the grab at the precise moment she would be alone and most vulnerable?

How were the able to get into her exclusive compound like it was a Holiday Inn and enter her apartment without drawing any suspicion?

Where were the ever-present paparazzi?

Like Princess Diana and other high-profile celebrities, Kim is almost always shadowed by photographers.

Kim was supposedly tied up, gagged and tossed in a bathroom, according reports. Yet she had no bruises, scuff marks, scratches or any visible sign of injury of any kind.

It seems inconceivable Kim wouldn’t be roughed up, banged around or even sexually assaulted.

Given all that, the possibility that thieves independently planned and executed the robbery on their own, seems pretty slim.

Instead, the circumstances, so far, suggest it was an inside job by someone close to Kim.

So, why suspect the reality star herself? The only reason would be motive. And the motive in this case is money.

Jewelry is a commodity. You pay retail for it, and wholesale or less when you resell it, even if it belongs to someone like Kim.

Theft insurance, on the other hand, pays full value, or close to it.

Committing the crime in France would provide some protection for a U.S. citizen because the two nation’s have a weak extradition treaty.

French authorities also may not be as diligent as their U.S. counterparts when it comes to investigating a celebrity for a financial crime like insurance fraud.

Of course, Kim and husband Kanye West are known to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. But net-worth and cash-flow are two different things.

Wealthy people can have a high net-worth, but not enough cash flow to cover financial obligations, such as payments on debts, mortgages, cars and other daily expenses.

When that happens, you either need to borrow money, or liquidate assets, like jewelry, to raise cash.

In fact, Kanye raised red flags himself in February when he Tweeted that he was $53 million in debt.

“I write this to you my brothers while still 53 million dollars in personal debt… Please pray we overcome…” he stated.

He followed up with a Tweet asking Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg to invest $1 billion in “his ideas.”

Is that motive enough? Without a detailed financial statement it’s hard to know. But it’s enough to raise legitimate suspicion.

A high-profile bankruptcy, or very public debt restructuring would be devastating to Kim’s image.

Against that background, a little insurance fraud might seem like a preferable alternative.

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