Kim Kardashian's NY Accident; Here's What Happened 1Kim Kardashian’s complex about her diminutive height — she’s 5’1″ tall — has finally caught up with her. She tripped over a suitcase in her New York hotel room, wearing sky-high heels and broke her toe.

“I knew my clumsiness would catch up with me at some point!’ the 30-year-old tweeted. ‘I tripped on a suit case on the floor and broke my toe :-(”

Kim and sister Kourtney were in New York today (Nov. 1) and were just returning from being photographed before Kim’s accident.

Kim was wearing leopard-print stiletto platform ankle boots, a pencil skirt and jacket. The boots are typical of Kim’s taste. She wears at least five-inch heels, and sometimes six inches.

Her sister wore an oversized animal print coat, with a warm fur hat, but more sensible boots.

Their new reality show “Kourtney And Kim Take New York” has been filming ahead of its debut.

Kourtney and boyfriend Scott Disick are reportedly looking into moving to the Big Apple with their ten-month-old son Mason, hoping it helps them repair their frazzled relationship.

‘It always boggles my mind the way some people react to people going to therapy. To us, it’s one of the best things we can do to keep a healthy and strong relationship. I’m all about it,” Kourtney blogged.