Hillary Clinton needs to think hard about canceling the next presidential debate in light of Donald Trump's sexist comments. (Photo: Getty)

Hillary Clinton needs to think hard about canceling the next presidential debate in light of Donald Trump’s sexist comments. (Photo: Getty)

Enough is enough, Hillary Clinton should pull out of Sunday’s debate with Donald Trump. With Republican leaders abandoning his campaign by the dozen, why should she give him a national platform to perpetrate more of his bluster on the nation?

Just when you think you’ve seen the worst of this guy, the “hot mic” video surfaces.

The guy on the recording, talking about grabbing a girl “by the pussy,” sounds like a convicted rapist bragging to his prison cellmate. Instead, it’s possibly the next president of the United States.

Or, could have been.

At this point, the next stop for Trump’s campaign is the dust bin of history. So why let him stand in front of millions of Americans and insult the nation’s intelligence by trying to climb out of the cesspool his dug for himself.

Trump’s lasting legacy may well be how he lowered the bar to a “new normal” of sociopathic, misogyny in our national political discourse.

Hopefully, this latest bit of evidence exposing him for who he really is will be his last.

But, don’t count on it.

When you consider how his supporters dismiss these pesky little things called “facts,” it should come as no surprise they’ll figure out a way to rationalize the latest revelations, as well.

In his so-called apology, he laid the groundwork for what will likely be a bitter attack on President Bill Clinton’s indiscretions while he was in office in the 1990s.

The hypocrisy will be rich.

When Trump bragged about his celebrity “pussy grabbing” entitlement and his out-sized effort to fuck a married woman, he was married himself to his third wife–and possible first lady–Melania Trump.

They hadn’t even been married a year, and he was already cheating on the drop-dead gorgeous model.

This guy just doesn’t know when to give it up. That’s a dangerous sign of self-denial and narcissism that you just don’t want in the leader of the free world.

It’s encouraging to see members of his own party finally deserting the Good Ship Trump like rats on the Titanic. #itsabouttime

Now, it’s Hillary’s turn.

The former Secretary of State needs to take a stand and show she will in no way be a party to the further enabling of this sociopathic, misogynist.

Clinton was derided by critics for questioning in a leaked speech to her supporters why she wasn’t ahead by 50 points. In retrospect, she was right to wonder.

The media has done a fantastically deplorable job of elevating this guy to the point where the presidential race is still considered a toss-up.

And it has to stop.

This latest episode, which sheds even more light on the reprehensible way Trump treats women, has drawn the line, from which, there is no going back.

To take the stage next to him at the upcoming debate would be the ultimate betrayal of men, women and children, everywhere–politics or not.

Every single day that goes by with Donald Trump as a contender is an acid bath that polarizes the nation and dissolves the respect we should have for each other.

Trump is a businessman who supposedly knows the value of a brand. But no one has done more to devalue the brand that is the U.S.A. He’s brought the worst elements of society into the mainstream and made their racism, sexism, hate and misogyny seem acceptable.

One thing is certain, Trump would be fired at any company he worked for–except maybe his own. Considering all that’s happened, to hold a debate in front of 80 million Americans is a cruel charade.

So why perpetuate this Terry Gilliam movie we find ourselves living in.

After all, what’s worse? The fool? Or, the one who argues with the fool?

Let’s go, Hillary. Show him, and all who still miraculously support him, that we’re no longer going to suffer this fool.

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