Michael Moore, the documentary film maker, says he has the inside scoop on Donald Trump. He's purposely losing the presidential campaign. (Photo: Getty)

Michael Moore, the documentary film maker, says he has the inside scoop on Donald Trump. He’s purposely losing the presidential campaign. (Photo: Getty)

Michael Moore, maker of hard-hitting anti-establishment documentaries like “Bowling for Columbine,” has changed his tune on the presidential race. After bemoaning for weeks that Donald Trump would win, he now says The Donald is losing… on purpose! WTF?

Moore has proved he knows how to put his finger on the pulse of America’s problems. But Trump is befuddling him.

Apparently, Moore never figured into his presidential equation Trump’s penchant for self-destructive and loutish behavior, proving he never really knew the GOP candidate at all.

But now he says he’s got the inside scoop.

In the latest post on his Web site, he says Trump is trying desperately to sabotage his campaign, because he never wanted to be president in the first place.

IM reported on the exact same theory a month ago (Sept. 13). We compared his campaign to the hit Broadway show Springtime for Hitler.

In the show, schemers Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom want to steal millions of dollars from investors. They decided to put on a musical that’s so bad it fails immediately, leaving them to pocket the proceeds.

Trump’s motive would be the same–money.

He’s raised tens of millions of dollars in campaign contributions–after vowing not to–and spent only a fraction of the amount spent by his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

If he loses the race, he’ll be able pocket surplus campaign funds and create his own political slush fund, otherwise known as a political action committee. He could also use the money to pay back the millions of dollars he’s loaned his campaign out of his own pocket.

Either way, it’s a win-win, a classic Trump deal.

It’s also one of the few logical explanations for his inept campaign. And Moore now thinks the same thing.

The only big difference is, he claims he knows… for a fact.

He writes:

“I’m not going to say how I know it. I’m not saying that Trump and I shared the same agent or lawyer or stylist or, if we did, that that would have anything to do with anything. And I’m certainly not saying that I ever overheard anything at those agencies or in the hallways of NBC or anywhere else. But there are certain people reading this right now, they know who they are, and they know that every word in the following paragraphs actually happened.”

So here’s the deal, according to Moore.

Trump’s campaign began as a deal, not for the White House, but to strengthen his negotiating position for another run as the host of his NBC show “Celebrity Apprentice.”

By tossing his hat in the presidential ring, Trump, he says, calculated that he would get a strong showing of support, which he could then parlay into a better television contract, worth possibly millions of dollars more than his current deal.

As Moore sees it, his “campaign” unfolded this way:

So, on June 16th of last year, he rode down his golden escalator and opened his mouth. With no campaign staff, no 50-state campaign infrastructure — neither of which he needed because, remember, this wasn’t going to be a real campaign — and with no prepared script, he went off the rails at his kick-off press conference, calling Mexicans “rapists” and “drug dealers” and pledging to build a wall to keep them all out.

Then, boom! The law of unintended consequences kicked in.

Instead of bestowing Trump with a fat new contract, NBC fired him over his patently racist comments.

That left Trump with nowhere else to turn to save face, except the presidential race, to campaign for a job he never really wanted.

But something happened, writes Moore. “And to be honest, if it happened to you, you might have reacted the same way. Trump, to his own surprise, ignited the country, especially among people who were the opposite of billionaires.”

Who knows? Maybe his ego kicked in or he was simply buoyed by the outpouring of support.

At some point, however, Trump came back down to earth after realizing he actually had a shot at winning the dreaded job.

“Maybe the meltdown of the past three weeks was no accident. Maybe it’s all part of his new strategy to get the hell out of a race he never intended to see through to its end anyway,” says Moore.

In his calculation, he’s reached the same conclusion as IM. There is no other explanation for his “one disgustingly reckless statement after another.”

Unless, of course, Trump is completely narcissistic and crazy. That couldn’t possibly be true, could it?

Read Michael Moore’s full article here.

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