Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is hardly a paragon of political correctness, but even the “Jersey Shore” jerk is having a hard time getting away with some of the crap he dishes in his new book “Here’s the Situation.”

The Today show’s Al Roker put him on the spot when he asked him to explain what he mean by the terms “creeping on chicks” and “avoiding grenades.”

The latter term reportedly refers to ugly girls, something Roker thought might be misogynistic.

“You don’t feel that your book might be a little bit disrespectful to women?” Roker asked.

“It’s a humorous, humorous look or guide to being in your 20s.” The Situation replied, “No. No. It’s a humorous look.”

But Roker was about to let him off the hook that easy.

He asked Sorrentino if he would let his daughter (if he had one) date “somebody like you.”

That sent The Situation into back-peddle mode. He actually said that he’s “a very deep person.”

“I’m not perfect. I don’t claim to be perfect,”  explained the watered-down version of Andrew “Dice” Clay.

“What you see on [‘Jersey Shore’] it’s sort of driven in a certain way … Whatever you see is what happens, I’m just trying to say there’s so many other things happening throughout the number of months that we’re there.”