Steven Colbert is part of the great mainstream media plan to deny Donald Trump the presidency. Talk about conspiracy. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Steven Colbert is part of the great mainstream media plan to deny Donald Trump the presidency. Talk about conspiracy. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories are continuing to grow. No longer satisfied attacking the so-called “mainstream media,” the GOP candidate says comedians, like those on “Saturday Night Live,” are now out to get him. He might want to take a look at late-night comics as well.

As his campaign becomes more like theater of the absurd, Trump is providing ample fodder that’s too rich to resist for late-night monologues.

Imagine, late-night comedians making fun of politicians. It’s an American pastime like baseball and Chevrolet.

But Trump thinks he’s the only one who has ever been singled out for laughs.

Of course, the most fertile fodder is the continuing controversy over his comments on the 2005 taped conversation with then-Access Hollywood host Billy Bush.

By now, most of America either knows about it, or has heard Trump disparage woman, admit infidelity and claim his celebrity status entitles him to grope women at will.

It should be old news, except Trump keeps talking about it on the campaign trail. He says it’s yet another conspiracy between the mainstream media–everyone that is, but Fox News–and Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.


His latest target is “Saturday Night Live,” the comedy sketch show that’s been making fun of political blowhards for 40 years.

Last weekend’s SNL cold open was a play off the second debate, with Alec Baldwin hilariously cast as The Donald. Clinton took some shots as well, but Trump was the one who flamed the show on Twitter.

Trump is nothing if not nocturnal. He often Tweets at 3 am. which means he must watch some of the late night shows.

If so, he is probably seething at “The Late Show’s” Stephen Colbert. He did a whole eight-minute bit on every conspiracy theory advanced by Trump. (see below)

“The election continues to be insane,” he said opening his monologue. “Every since the tape of Donald on the Billy Bush locker bus came out, Trump has been fending off attacks like a woman fending off Donald Trump.”

Trump’s response to the allegations: “Lies, lies, no witnesses, no nothing.” Of course, he confirmed it himself on Howard Stern’s radio show.

Trump has provided so much material to work with, he’s almost single-handedly revived “The Daily Show.” Host Trevor Noah has been struggling to fill Jon Stewart’s shoes. But now he can’t miss.

In a bit last night, he tackled Trump’s latest liberal media conspiracy–rigging the nation’s ballot boxes. Noah called him “America’s Joker” after the Batman character.

“Donald Trump has been having a tough time on the campaign trail recently,” he said. “It seems like every woman has accused him of shaking hands with their vaginas.”

“There’s a reason everything is going wrong for Donald Trump. He’s a terrible man who’s done terrible things and has a terrible plan for the country,” he continued. “But why is he really losing?”

Trump has an answer for that, too. “This whole election is being rigged,” he said at a recent rally. “Rigged like you’ve never seen before.”

Forget the fact that the national election is controlled by individual state election boards, all acting independently, with no connection to the federal government. Still, it’s a CONSPIRACY!

How could a comedian not have fun with that?

“Just so you know, Trump thinks everything is a conspiracy,” Noah remind an audience that needed no reminding.

Even the “Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon, the biggest cream puff on late night television, can’t resist. His parodies of Trump’s eccentricities have been off the charts; his latest was classic.

It featured Trump cold-calling undecided voters; the first person he talks to… Madea. (see below)

Of course, Trump has no one to blame… but the mainstream media. It’s all a conspiracy you see.

Just check out the videos below.

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