Donald Trump could fundamentally alter the character of the nation if elected president. Here are 15 reasons not to vote for him.  (Photo: Getty)

Donald Trump could fundamentally alter the character of the nation if elected president. Here are 15 reasons not to vote for him. (Photo: Getty)

Donald Trump plans to “make America great, again” but for who? He’s run on a polyglot of slogans appealing to the baser instincts of the nation’s psyche. But when it comes to real policy, he’s spouted dusty, time-worn conservative positions that could have disastrous repercussions.

It’s been hard to separate policy from the posturing, lies, bombastic statements and Hillary Clinton attacks. But here’s a list of 17 reasons not to vote for Donald Trump on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

As pundit after pundit has stated, much more than choosing a president is a stake. This election could alter the fundamental character of the United States at home and abroad.

Want to see what a Trump Administration will look like and learn why he is profoundly unqualified to serve as president? Read on…

1. Austerity. The deficit will soar by $11 trillion; trade wars, high tariffs will trigger a worldwide recession. Read More

2. Police state mentality: His plans to impose stop-and-frisk policing, racial profiling and an anti-immigration force going door-to-door looking for illegals will turn American into a Gestapo-like police state. Read More

3. Gut federal government: His promised government cutbacks will mean the loss of 500,000 to 1 million public sector jobs, cutting consumer demand even more, hiking unemployment. Hello deep recession. Read More

4. Tax Reform: Trump plans to eliminate most middle-class tax breaks like the deduction of state and local taxes, and the home-mortgage interest deduction, returning the U.S. to a nation of renters. Great for landlords and investors (read real estate speculators), bad for everyone else. Hello, slums! Read More

5. Sellout workers: He plans to eliminate the federal minimum wage, leaving the issue up to states. Watch race to the bottom. It will further disenfranchise the middle class, but a great way to compete with China. Will curb employee rights, protections against sexual harassment and discrimination, curb union organizing, impose a draconian “right to work” law nationwide. Read More

6. More Tax cuts for the rich: Just what we need, more mega-mansions, bigger yachts and private jets (tax deductible of course). Relying on discredited “trickle-down” economics that has proven to be a failure in two previous Republican administrations. Read More

7. Higher gas pump prices. Trump’s energy policy to drill for more domestic oil and mine coal is only feasible if oil prices remain above $85 to $90 a barrel. Otherwise it’s not economical to drill for hard-to-recover reserves or mine Canada’s tar sands. Promoting coal production will hurt providers of cleaner-burning natural gas, with environmental consequences. Read More

8. Repeal of Obamacare: Great if you are under 30 and in good health. Bad for everyone else, especially those with pre-existing conditions. Will allow insurance companies to cherry-pick customers and raise rates. Get used to long waits in emergency rooms, less preventive care, or no insurance at all. Read More

9. Repeal of Roe v. Wade, Will criminalize women and doctors, lead to restrictions on contraception, end Planned Parenthood, AIDs screening, cancer screening and other services for women. Read More

10. Stonewalls on Tax Returns: Trump has run one of the most secretive campaigns in the past 40 years by refusing to release his tax returns. They could shed light on his connection to overseas financiers, especially Russians and reveal conflicts of interest. Read More

11. Secret Ties to Russia: Trump’s ties to Russian businessmen and financiers with close ties to Vladimr Putin will undermine NATO and bolster Russian aggression in Eastern Europe. Read More

12. Return to isolationism: Will impose a go-it-alone foreign policy that leaves our NATO allies hanging out to dry and sows the seeds for more regional conflicts. Will end coalition-building to fight groups like ISIS. Read More

13. Business Fraud, Deceit: Trump has campaigned on his success as a businessman, but the nation’s 100 top corporate leaders have refused to support his campaign, amid fraud charges over Trump University, six bankruptcies. Read More

14. A history of Racism, Sexism, Misogyny: Donald Trump has a long history of sexual harassment, misogyny, sexism and marital cheating that sends the wrong signal on the treatment of women. Read More

15. Assault on First Amendment: Has vowed to roll back First Amendment protections, exposing the media to more lawsuits by billionaires and corporations that don’t like press scrutiny and paving the way for more government secrecy. Goodbye to religious freedom. Has demonized Muslims and Jews. Read More

16. Embolden racist groups: White supremacists, neo-Nazis, far-right patriot groups and other alt-righters have flocked to Trump’s campaign, while he has praised them with faint damnation. Read More

17. A History of Dirty Tactics: Donald Trump has left a trail of broken promises and bankruptcies in his wake as a business man. His tactics reveal some startling insights into his mindset, how he treats others and exactly what kind of president he may become. Read More

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