See Demi Lovato Beatdown Dancer's Black Eye (photos) 1

Demi Lovato (inset) and alleged victim Alex Welch

Alex Welch, the dancer allegedly involved in a scuffle with Disney star Demi Lovato has a black eye to show for it and a potential lawsuit on her hands. See the shiner Lovato laid on her.

Welch who was not immediately identified after she and Lovato got into an altercation during the Jonas Brothers tour in South America.

Lovato left the tour immediately afterward and checked into rehab to deal with self-esteem and anger management issues. Welch was left with a bruised ego and one big black eye.

According to several reports, Welch was clueless about Lovato’s sudden outburst and did not fight back.

It turns out that the 21-year-old dancer is a real pro and is well known on the Los Angeles dance scene.

Check out Alex Welch’s black eye and other photos; click to enlarge:

See Demi Lovato Beatdown Dancer's Black Eye (photos) 2See Demi Lovato Beatdown Dancer's Black Eye (photos) 3See Demi Lovato Beatdown Dancer's Black Eye (photos) 4See Demi Lovato Beatdown Dancer's Black Eye (photos) 5

Welch goes by the stage name B Girl Shorty and she has appeared in videos and toured with top name stars.

She was in Justin Bieber’s “Somebody to Love” video and has danced for Miley Cyrus and Pink, according to E! Entertainment.

She also appeared in the 2008 movie, “Step Up 2: The Streets” and received a credit in the cast listing for playing herself. She’s identified as Alex “Shorty” Welch.

She was also a member of “Beat Freaks,” runner-up on season 3 of MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew.”

She is still in South America with the Jonas Brothers Live in Concert Tour.

A Lovato insider tells E! News that Demi confronted the backup dancer last Saturday (Oct. 30) in an altercation.

The source says that Lovato believed the dancer had “ratted [Demi] out” about her partying to the Jonases’ dad, Kevin.

TheImproper has obtained a photo of Welch’s nasty shiner from the incident, and celebrity gossip site TMZ reports that she has been talking to lawyers and is considering legal action.

Sources close to Demi say she feels “awful” about her behavior and took personal responsibility for it by leaving the tour and seeking help, TMZ reported.

Check Alex’s black eye and other photos; click to enlarge and check out the Beat Freaks below: