Gigi Hadid (left) poked fun at Melania Trump at the American Music Awards, marking the end of a bad day for the presumptive first lady. (Photos: Getty)

Gigi Hadid (left) poked fun at Melania Trump at the American Music Awards, marking the end of a bad day for the presumptive first lady. (Photos: Getty)

Melania Trump took a couple shots yesterday. Model Gigi Hadid mocked her in front of a national audience at the American Music Awards and husband Donald ordered her out of the White House, in what has to be her worst day so far as the presumptive First Lady.

In what was clearly and attempt at humor, Hadid, who co-hosted the AMAs, did her best Melania impression, making fun of her Republican National Convention gaff.

You may recall, Melania gave her first national address at the convention. As it turned out, a significant portion of it had been lifted from an earlier speech by real First Lady Michelle Obama.

Playing off her plagiarism incident, Hadid, who co-hosted with Jay Pharoah, broke into her Melania bit during her monologue.

“I’ve been working on this all week, ok, Jay?” Hadid said before breaking out her impression.

“Ok,” Pharoah replied. “Let me give you space.”

“This is my… Melania Trump impression,” she added.

With that, Gigi put one hand on her hip, shimmied her shoulder and said she had to “get the face right.”


She turned he back to the camera momentarily and when she turned around she had pursed her lips into a big pucker just like Melania.

“I love my husband… President Barack Obama. And our children Sasha and Malia,” Gigi said in a thick Eastern European accent resembling Melania’s.

The audience responded with laughter and Pharoah crowed: “That’s spot on!”

But Trumpsters on social media were not amused.

Some critics called her “racist” because she mimicked Melania’s Slovenian accent. But much of the criticism was off the wall.

“Melania Trump is going to the First Lady of the USA. This was the highest form of disrespect possible,” someone tweeted, as if First Lady’s have never been the but of jokes before.

One critic even called on Gigi to “leave the country” if that’s how she felt about the president’s family.

But that wasn’t Melania’s only slight of the day.

Husband Donald confirmed that Melania and their 10-year-old son Barron would not join him immediately at the White House (if ever). Trump did not specify a time when the arrangement would change.

No other first lady in U.S. history has ever done the same.

The official reason is the Trump’s desire to see Barron finish out the school year before leaving New York City. That means it would be sometime in late May or early June before Melania joins him in Washington.

The announcement, however, drew brought social media scorn down on Melania again.

“First Family resides in White House as a symbol of our country to us and and the world. Melania Trump’s decision is appalling,” wrote one Twitter critic.


Others raised questions about the stability of Trump’s marriage. Melania was buffeted during the campaign after a 2005 “hot mic” conversation surfaced. Trump was recorded saying how he’d made a major play to “fu*k” a woman, not his wife.

At the time, he was newly married and Melania was pregnant.

Then, four days before the election Melania was humiliated again when Karen McDougal, the 1998 Playboy Playmate of the Year, said she had a year-long affair with Trump from 2006 through 2007 while Trump was married to Melania.

The Wall Street Journal published a lengthy account, revealing details of the affair.

Trump was spotted with McDougal and the friend at the 2006 Miss Universe pageant in Los Angeles. Trump’s limo picked up the pair and took them to McDougal’s Beverly Hills home, a friend told The Journal.

That wasn’t the only bad news for the former Slovenian model.

Melania was fingered for working in the United States in 1996 as an illegal immigrant in a new Associated Press report.

Previously, she’d categorically claimed that all her papers were in proper order when she worked in the United States. She threatened to sue any media outlet that claimed otherwise. So far, however, she hasn’t taken any legal action.

In that light, Gigi’s impersonation seems to be the least of her problems. Check it out below.

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