Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been hit by new tabloid divorce rumors. But denials are coming fast and furiously.   (Photo: Getty)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been hit by new tabloid divorce rumors. But denials are coming fast and furiously. (Photo: Getty)

Kim Kardashian’s marriage to Kanye West has been unraveling since the day they said “I do,” according to endless tabloid speculation. The rumor mill is heating up again–with a vengeance–despite heated denials from the network that produces her reality shows.

E! News, which airs “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,”” denied the new tabloid claims today.

Kim wants to get Kanye back on his feet. She is not leaving him. “She loves him,” a network source said.

Kim and Kanye are also still living together despite an USWeekly report that he’s moved out of their sprawling mansion and is living in a cottage near his rehab hospital.

The latest divorce rumors, none of which are substantiated beyond the usual tabloid anonymous sources, flared after West’s breakdown and hospitalization for what his doctor, Michael Farzam, described as a “temporary psychosis.”

Kim has also been through a traumatic drama with her robbery at gunpoint last month in Paris.

Kim has not appeared in public or post what once was a steady stream of photos to Instagram, which the robbers reportedly used to track her movements. Her friends and family are keeping her site up to date.

Whether the double whammy on their relation is too much for them to take remains to be seen. The truth is, their relationship was never based on love at first sight in the first place.

Kim passed over Kanye numerous times while she was playing the field. She ultimately married NBA basketballer Kris Humphries.

The marriage ended in unmitigated disaster after an extravagant, multi-million dollar wedding tied to lucrative product endorsements. Kim called it quits after just 72 days, leaving her reputation–and brand– in tatters.

For a time, she was one of the most radioactive celebrities in Hollywood. Getting involved in another serious relationship and marriage seemed out of the question. When Kim did return to the celebrity dating pool, she went back to trolling for professional athletes.

But Kanye was still waiting in the wings. He became her rebound guy. The match seemed made in heaven. He restored Kim’s tarnished luster and gave her entree to A-list celebritydom.

After all, it was Kanye who put Kim on the cover of Vogue magazine.

To him, Kim was the personification of sexuality and feminine beauty. At least in his mind, they rivaled Jay Z and Beyonce in star power.

Beyond the public relations value of their union, it was pretty obvious to anyone their personalities weren’t suited for each other.

Kim is just too self-centered. She’s been calling the shots for so long, she’s not about to let West’s temperamental, domineering personality overshadow her life.

Plus, there have been reports that Kanye has been very needy on top of his possessiveness. He constantly relies on Kim for emotional support, according to London’s Daily Mail.

West is Kardashian’s third marriage. She got married as a teen to Damon Thomas. That lasted from 2000 to 2004. She dated rapper Ray J and made her infamous sex tape with him in 2007.

Then she had a high-profile relationship with NFL superstar Reggie Bush, before marrying Humphries in 2011 after a whirlwind engagement.

Kim and Kanye wed in Florence, Italy, in May 2014. They’ve had two children since then.

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