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Donald Trump Time Cover Going Viral Faster Than You Can Say Beelzebub!

Donald Trump is Time's Man of the Year, but the cover photo does him no favors. (Photo: Time)

Donald Trump is Time’s Person of the Year, but the cover photo does him no favors. (Photo: Time)

Donald Trump has gone from a neer-do-well con artist to president of the United States and caps off his amazing year by landing Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” cover. But it couldn’t be scarier if it was Halloween.

Whether by fluke or the design of some mischievous graphic artist, the cover photo is more than it seems and perhaps a scary premonition of his coming term as leader of the free world.

The cover is going viral on the Internet faster than you can say Beelzebub.

So what’s wrong, or hilariously right depending on your politics?

The positioning of Trump’s head overlays the magazine’s distinctive logo. It’s place high enough to cover the “M” in Time ever so slightly–just enough to give the appearance of… devil’s horns on Trump’s head.

The horns are unmistakable once you see them. After that, you can’t unsee them.

So far, there has been no reaction from The Donald. But he’s known for having an incredibly thin skin and erupts on Twitter at the slightest provocation.

Given the heated campaign rhetoric, the divisiveness of the politics and the bitterness that remains after the election, it’s hard to see how the cover was an accident.

Trump won the Electoral College, but he’s losing the election by more than 2.7 million popular votes to Democrat Hillary Clinton. Some electors are in revolt. They vote Dec. 19 to determine the president.

While Trump is expect to receive enough votes to take office, he’s done nothing to inspire confidence in his leadership or his ability to mend the country.

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Donald Trump Person of the Year. Once you see it you can’t unsee it. (Photo: Time)

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