Walter White Breaks Bad as Trump's New DEA Head in Bizarro Cabinet (see!) 1

Walter White scores a new job. He joins the rogue’s gallery of Trump appointees as head of the Drug Enforcement Agency. Oh, yeah. (Photo: ScreenCap)

If Walter White knows anything it’s drug enforcement. So who would be better qualified to head up the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in Donald Trump’s new government? Walter sees the synergies. He wants to turn the nation blue.

White, of course, is actually Bryan Cranston, who played the character in the hit cable show “Breaking Bad.”

And, his appointment was announced on “Saturday Night Live,” so you know it was all a big spoof. But why not?

White has a lot in common with Trump’s other cabinet picks, like fossil fuel-loving Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as Environmental Protection Agency chief.

Most of Trump’s real administration picks are the antithesis of the agency they’re supposed to represent.

Kate McKinnon, who’s found new life playing Kellyanne Conway, reassures the audience that Pruitt will protect everyone from the environment.

“I’m not sure it works that way,” says Beck Bennett, who plays CNN’s dapper Jack Tapper.

But, yes, Walter thinks he has a lot to offer as a member of Trump’s Bizarro administration.

Check out the video below.

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