‎Felicity Jones stars as a rebel on a mission to destroy the Death Star before it can be deployed and subjugate the Universe in Rogue One A Star Wars Story. (Photo: Disney)

“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” is taking a victory lap in a new television ad released today (Dec. 15) touting its positive reviews. It’s about to take theaters by storm this weekend, even though the East and Midwest are being socked by biting cold.

The movie plays off the Star Wars series in a prequel that stands alone from the seven other pictures in the series.

It’s scored an 85 rating among critics on rottentomatoes, a web site that tracks reviews. But it won’t be the highest acclaimed movie opening this weekend.

“Neruda,” about the hunt for Nobel Prize-winning Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda in his home country after joining the Communist Party in the 1940s, scored a rare 100 percent rating from the 40 critics who reviewed it.

Reviewers honed in on the “inventive, intelligent, and beautifully filmed” picture’s ability to transcend the traditional biopic to find “meaning beyond the details of its subject’s life.”

Also opening this weekend, “Manchester by the Sea,” a drama about an uncle who takes in his teenage nephew following the death of his father. It received a 97 rating from the Web site.

“The thing about a Kenneth Lonergan movie is that it feels like you’re watching people, not actors. You’re watching a world unfold, and not some form of fiction,” wrote Michael Smith of the Tulsa World.

Be that as it may, “Rouge One” is expected to blast off at the box office, easily topping every other picture in weekend gross. It’s projected to take in $140 million with showings at more than 4,100 theaters, according to deadline.com.

The film opens this weekend and tonight (Dec. 15) in some selected areas in midnight showings.

Check out the television spot below.

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