Amy Schumer in Snatched.

Amy Schumer gets slimed by mom Goldie Hawn in a new trailer for their comedy ‘Snatched.’ (Photo: ScreenCap)

Amy Schumer, a master of the double entendre, takes her raunchy humor south of the border in a new red-band trailer for “Snatched,” a mother-daughter flick with Goldie Hawn about, well, would you believe a kidnapping? Nah..

It wouldn’t be a Schumer picture without a guest appearance by her snatch (the other kind). Sure enough it shows up midway through the clip.

Amy flashes it in a most embarrassing way that many female clubbers can related to. Well, maybe not, but it’s still a pretty funny scene.

Schumer plays a down-on-her-luck career girl who gets jilted by her musician boyfriend.

His skyrocketing band is about to go on tour and he tells her the pussy will be non-stop. Obviously, he doesn’t want the complications of having a girlfriend.

She doesn’t believe what she’s hearing at first, but finally figures out it’s over.

Dejected, Schumer’s character heads home. She convinces her mom to take the trip to South America that she’d been planning with her now ex-boyfriend.

It isn’t exactly a relationship made in heaven. Mother and daughter are clearly in different places. But daughter wins out in the end.

From there, the trailer parades through all of the usual cliches. The awkward Americans must deal with a language barrier, sexually charged Latin men and a kidnapping by bandits.

Forget the cultural offensiveness of it all, if you like Schumer, you’ll love this preview. Hawn hasn’t lost her comedic touch either.

The movie will hit theaters in 2017.

Check out the (NSFW) trailer below.

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