Donald Trump Saluted in Twelve Days of Christmas Spoof, Hilarious! (see!) 1

Donald Trump gets his very own Christmas song in a video that is rapidly going viral. Who knew he could be so festive? (Photo: ScreenCap)

Donald Trump had a lot to answer for during the presidential election, from groping beauty queens to grabbing pussy. Not that it mattered; he won the election. A fitting reason for a Christmas tribute.

To immortalize his victory, even though he lost by 2.8 million popular votes, some pranksters put together a special Christmas tribute to The Donald in a remix of the holiday classic “Twelve Days of Christmas.”

Trump supporters will be sure to invite family and friends to sing along to the tune to get the full measure of how much the GOP candidate has screwed them into believing his off-the-wall campaign promises.

Coal jobs? More like coal in the stockings of poor and middle-class Americans. No health insurance for you!

His cronies and cabinet members, all firmly ensconced in the richest 1 percent of our nation, will reap all the goodies under the Trump Christmas tree. Talk about a merry, jolly Christmas.

New yachts for everyone! Well, not everyone.

And certainly not for the poor working stiffs who thought Trump was going to “drain the swamp” and bring back manufacturing jobs.

So rejoice in this lovely Christmas classic and remember Trump’s favorite saying: “You’re fired!”

Check out the video below.

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