Alec Baldwin was hilarious again as Donald Trump in Saturday Night Live’s cold open. Our president-elect gets scrooged for Christmas by none other than Vladimir Putin.(Photo: ScreenCap)

Donald Trump… that is Alec Baldwin… continues his steak of devastatingly funny Trump parodies on “Saturday Night Live.” In this week’s cold open. Trump gets a surprise visit from Ruskie pal Vladimir Putin and new Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. Talk about getting Scrooged.

Baldwin said he would give up his SNL job once Trump released his tax returns. So far no returns, and no end to the biting parodies.

Kate McKinnon makes another appearance as the psychically suffering Kellyanne Conway, who served as Trump’s spokesperson during the campaign, and now has some undefined role in Trump’s transition.

Baldwin is overpowering, as usual, as a befuddled president-elect. But McKinnon adds just the right touch of existential angst to the skit. The question, as always, is how did we get in this mess?

Just back from his self-congratulatory “Thank You Tour,” Trump is ready to wrap up business for Christmas. “Let’s get this over with, are there any more cabinet picks out there?” he asks.

“Ok, we’re almost full sir. Rick Perry has agreed to be Secretary of Energy,” Kelly says.


“Is that a great choice?” Trump replies. “I saw him on ‘Dancing With the Stars. This guy has so much energy, it’s just ‘unpresidented,'” he added.

Talk about fresh off the news. Baldwin poked fun at Trump’s spelling gaff on Twitter earlier in the week.

“Now, all I have to do is pick who will be president,” he adds.

“That’s you, sir,” says a slightly exasperated Kelly.

“Can I just do it three days a week, like Howard Stern?” Trump replies.

Just then, who should appear? But jolly Vladimir with Christmas cheer. His arrival is foreshadowed by a rustling in the chimney.

“Is it a ghost?” says Donald. “Am I being Scrooged?”

Yes you are, in ways you’ll never know.

John Goldman plays a hilarious Rex Tillerson and Beck Bennett plays Putin. Cecily Strong also puts in an appearance as Melania Trump.

Check out the clip below.

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