Justin Bieber Branded 'Childish Showoff' for Flaunting Fur Jacket (See!) 1

Justin Bieber donned a massive fur coat outside a West Hollywood club last night and drew instant scorn from PETA. (Photo: ScreenCap)

Justin Bieber just put himself in the same league as Kim Kardashian. He was spotted last night in West Hollywood wearing a fur jacket and immediately drew a harsh rebuke from PETA, the animal rights organization. It called him a “childish showoff.”

Bieber, who has a long and well-earned reputation for loutish behavior, seemed to take glee in the fact that his coat was real fur off the back of some dead animal.

“Hell yeah, it’s f*cking real!” Bieber yelled at a paparazzi who quizzed him as he was leaving Hyde night club, according to gossip site TMZ.

He was strolling with his ex-Hailey Baldwin.

The Biebs was obviously trying to pimp like a rapper. He apparently has never seen the “Seinfeld” episode when Jerry wears a fur coat. (see, below)

“Justin makes no bones about it, and even goes out of his way to confirm … he’s a fashionable fella without a conscience,” TMZ slammed.

But that’s not the only criticism aimed his way.


“He acts like a self-absorbed, childish showoff,” said PETA president Ingrid Newkirk.

“He seems incapable of seeing how his buying habits cause needless suffering to animals, such as baby tigers, baby monkeys, and wild coyotes,” she added.

Bieber’s history with animals is not a good one. He sort of treats them like his throw-away girlfriends. He abandoned his pet monkey in Germany three years ago.

The monkey was actually confiscated by German customs officials when Bieber tried to take it into the country. He never produced the proper documents to get it back or paid the $8,000 fine. Ultimately, the monkey was shipped off to a zoo.

PETA takes a hard line with celebrities who wear real fur because of their ability to influence their fans.

Kardashian has been a regular target of the group. She frequently worn fur for years, and was pelted with a flour bomb back in 2012. Christina Cho, a member of PETA, was arrested for the stunt.

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